Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Ten on a chilly Tuesday

This past few weeks, the cfs monster has retreated a little, just a little, but enough to make life a WHOLE lot more pleasant and enjoyable. I'm fairly sure this sadly won't last, something will come along and tip the oh so hard to achieve, rest/activity balance that it demands. But it has been a nice week having a little bit more energy. I have enjoyed a few things, and am devoting my ten on tuesday to listing them. Yes I know this is a little un interesting, but head over to the other ladies 'ten's' for a more interesting ten ! .......they are on fire this week :) 

1. Definitely my most pleasing thing to be able to do.....Picking up washing off the floor and depositing it in the correct place, either draws or washing basket. This brings me great pleasure. I love a tidy house. Not super tidy, don't get me wrong, but just 'most things in the place they should be' tidy, or even in the correct room will do me.

2. Folding clean washing. Generally clean clothes once dried stay in a large pile somewhere unfolded and are used as needed before they get to the draws. I hate this, but don't have much option normally. This week however there has been folding and some measure of putting away. Bliss

3. Sweeping the floor of food after 'toddler throwing lunch times' on the same day of it happening.

4. Drying all of my hair, not just the front bits.

5. Walking a short distance and being able to come straight home not rest and wait a while til have the energy to return.

6. Going up to rest in bed at 9.30pm not 7. 

7. Reading a book not just an magazine.

8. Chatting to a friend without feeling exhausted afterwards.

9. Wiping things ! Kitchen surfaces, window sills, coffee tables. I like a clean surface me.

10. Had a meal with family at the weekend. We actually made it, I can't tell you how many family gatherings, events and parties I have missed in the last 8 years due to the monster and his dirty tricks ! I made it to leeds, had a lovely time chatting, came home. nice.

Having read these, I realise they are largely house work based which is a bit sad really, but there would need to be a fair bit more energy to enable a more 'exciting list' he he, and to be honest maybe a different stage of life. I like this stage of life, I know for some it is immensely frustrating doing the mundane chores of mothering, But this week being able to do them is a lovely novelty for me. I am happy in my house, with more energy. Playing with my girl, not just hankering to go to bed a rest my achy bones. I sometimes worry I have lost all ambition and drive, but then I see my girl trying to build a tower, saying words, and generally being a 17 month old, and I feel contended and hugely blessed.

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