Monday, 31 December 2012

A few festive moments

As promised, a whole year on.........

I haven't been getting dressed a whole lot recently, but for a few days over Christmas the wonder of being dressed and wearing makeup occurred.........:) Opening some pressies with my Little Tyke.

Little tyke did some spectacular vomitting a few hours before christmas dinner, so here she is looking a bit pale and eating rich tea biscuits instead of turkey !

Delicious Christmas dinner with my family....panaramic shot by husbando and a clever thing called an iphone :)

New dolls house....hours of fun ...

One day over Christmas time, i am fairly sure my Little tyke ate a small breakfast, and then nothing but icing from the Christmas cake for the rest of the day. In a house full of adults it's easy to loose track of a 2 year old, as she was always entertained ( bliss ! ) so I kind of forgot my parenting duties as far as nutrition was concerned......ooops.

I was sad not to quite have the stamina for Church on Christmas day, so my family went without me :(
I did however, inject a little bit of festive culture into my morning while lying in bed, listening to a Christmas service on the radio from some clever place where a choir sing in tune and sound very professional...kings college cambridge I think it was. A few years ago my sister and I added our own special timing while singing 'ding dong merrily on high', in a church where our family nearly doubled the congregation, it was more than a little noticeable, so the inevitable uncontrollable laughter ensued. So at least there was some in tune carol singing in my absence !  ( Apparently LT did shout out and try to talk to my Mum  ( who was taking the Christmas Service ) I'm sure my Mum was a little embarrassed, but loved it really, how can anyone be annoyed with a cute 2 year old in a reindeer dress ?! )

That's all for now, just off to tuck into one of the large quantities of thorntons chocolates we are in possession of...... mmmmmmmm

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Oxygen starved by a 2 year old.

So it's Christmas time, I could write various profound things about the season, however as I am writing this while hidden under a duvet, (slightly oxygen starved if the truth be told) all profound thought has left me.  We are sharing a room with our little tyke,  she is currently resisting sleep so hiding all stimuli from her view is the only way she willing to stop talking about her teddy s and give into sleep.

We are at my parents, , all rooms filled with beds , blown up, standard and sofa types.  Being pregnant and fatigued I get a good bed, all be it next to my not yet asleep 2 year old.
So far we have been served some potent ginger liquid,  a delicious sausage stew and a warm welcome under the roof of my lovely parents.
I was given a fancy pants mini tablet computer for my birthday,  and am writing this on it, so excuse the typos. ?....still learning how to use it.

Birthday s and Christmases all make me realise how blessed I am in amongst the difficulty of feeling so weak. Lovely friends and family with a few gifts to add a cherry on the cake.

Toddler now asleep......and so should I be, goodnight one and all, and happy Christmas  to you !

This is a photo of us last year, same time, same place.....a whole year older and another baby on board this year,  new photo to follow !

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Reject trees, and stone alters

I have been a bit non communicado of late. Things have been tricky, too exhausted for words and kind of going a bit frayed around the edges mentally too.

But today I am coming out of my blogging hidey hole and getting my mojo back !

I think sometimes this blog can be a little frenetic, one day I am writing about toddler antics, the next about the bible and then sometimes just thinkings.

For me a lot of this blog is about expressing and documenting my thoughts and daily life. In the Bible when something happened, or God have them a specific blessing, His people would build an alter as a reminder of his faithfullness. And in some ways a few of these posts are like that for me. There's no way I'm hauling my weary body outside to build a stone alter in our small garden.......not to mention the looks I'd get from the neighbours !

It's good for me to be able to look back at photos and writing of happy family times, and beautiful nature when those days are not currently a flowin in Deane land. By nature I am a 'glass half full' kind of lady, but even the most positive of people has days where that glass just looks plain dry and empty ey ?

So here is my Alter for this week............

Christmas tree decorating. ( photo to follow when I have sorted out the fact my blog host thingame says there is no space for new photos - eeeek )

We were going to head to a lovely forest near our house where there is christmas music, food and a cute train for Little tyke to ride on, but to be honest the trees are pricey, energy was low, and we were trying to be thrifty, so went in search of a cheaper offering, that wouldn't leave our from bank account becoming more red than it already is :)

We found our little offering, in the 'reject' section, it's cute little shape fits perfectly in our lounge and for a tenner, can't be scoffed at. What's more it was grown nearby, so makes us feel a little more eco friendly ( as we throw away our disposable nappies and turn up our heating.....ahem ) while we hang the lights over it's little rejected branches.

That's all for now folks, I love this time of year, and hope you are enjoying festivities in amongst the busy - ness of life. Life is busy isn't it, too busy for some.

Sip some mulled wine, and dwell on the awesomeness of God coming to earth as a baby - how weird is that !!!!