Friday, 31 May 2013

This week

This week has been a funny old chestnut. It's half term so the husbando is off work for the week, hooray ! Then the cold and flu bugs came a rollin' in, and threw us a curve ball.  
A friend asked if we had any 'plans' for the week, the answer was a swift 'no', we haven't yet progressed to the stage of making too many plans, as they usually get cancelled if the energy fairy hasn't been to visit, then I get all upset and grouchy. This week however I have had a little bit of energy in the tank........ alas I have used it to be nurse maid to two sick people in our house. 

I think being the most energetic person in the house is such a novelty for me, It makes me feel vaguely useful and not a complete wet lettuce. I have to say, I was looking forward to getting out and about a little, another time maybe ?

My Little squashy one is very happy, smiley chap, here he is, looking all grown up in his bumbo.  
Thankfully he has dodged the lurgy. 
(they are weird creations, but seem to do the trick !)

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Week in pictures

A few snapshots of the past week with my kidlets.........

And so it begins.......boy trying to play golf, girl thinks it fun to pick up the flags and run off with them ! ....

Driving in their imaginary car...... cuteness.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. Today I decluttered our bedroom a little, that's what I like to do when the energy fairy comes to visit ( I slept for 9 hours last night.....woop woop ! )

2.  I've been thinking loads about the old chestnut 'is breast best' ? when it comes to feeding our babies. More on this another time, but It has led me down some interesting routes of enquiry and thinkings.

3. Our little fella is sleeping fairly well, I often sit down and contemplate for a moment how things would be if he wasn't......the thought of this fills me with dread. Thankyou Lord for a baby who is fairly good at sleeping. ( please keep it up little fella - PLEASE )

4. I realised yesterday that I haven't slept in the same bed as Husbando for 3 months now.....we take it in turns to sleep in the same room as the little guy, so the other one can sleep. But seeing as he seems to sleeping fairly well I think it may be time for this arrangement to cease...... ( I quite like having a kingsize bed for half the night though.....oh hang on, what I mean is.....I can't wait to be able to lie next to my beloved once more !)

5. Currently debating which nursery would be a good option for Little Tyke to go to when she's 3. Part of me isn't keen on her going at all, I would love to just have her home with me full time, but I'm not physically able to look after her on my own everyday all day, so that isn't an option. However, I am realising that she is growing up, developing, and a few hours a day at nursery won't do her any harm, and she will probably quite enjoy it. ........ trying not to feel sad at the passing of time, and her growing, but to welcome each new phase and anticipate watching my daughter's personality and talents unfold.

6. I decided after having LT that I would hold off looking into any new treatments for CFS, as I knew I would be too exhausted to investigate and implement them, then have another baby. But now I am contemplating.......there has to be a way to get better from this damned condition. I can't see how a body can suddenly stop functioning properly and there be no way of reversing it. But it all costs money, tests, investigations which the NHS don't fund. Time and money can be wasted with no real benefit, I'm still looking out for that magic ingredient which will put in place the piece of the jigsaw which will restore me to some kind of normal again.

7. Mostly been listening to this

Can't quite put my finger on it, but I find this really uplifting and it make me wanna dance ! 

8. Can it be warm and sunny again please?  Just for a few more than two days in a row, i'm thinking a whole week or two would be perfect. Thankyou Kindly.

9. For the first time in my life I think I may try and loose some weight. I have never tried this before, so am pondering the world of dieting, and kind of thinking that unless I am prepared to make changes permanently to my eating habits then there is very little point in dieting at all, just buy bigger clothes ! I'm not going to loose the weight if I don't intend to keep it off, to me that seems fairly pointless ? It's a whole new world, this dieting business! Getting older and having babies certainly throws a curveball to your metabolism ey. 

( I write this while drinking coffee and eating biscuits........ oh dear. )

10.  I still sometimes get excited by the fact I can now stand up for more than a few minutes without feeling like I may collapse. Seriously enjoying no longer being pregnant, it was perhaps the worst thing I have ever been through. I can't quite believe how exhausted I was, it was a awful. The product is a miracle and I love him, he continues to grow, be healthy and make my heart warm. For that I am thankful. 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The sun doth shine.

My Little squishy squash has reached the ripe old age of 10 weeks. I am going to cling to that cliche which every parent holds dear....'it goes so quickly', and it really does. I am really enjoying him, his cute smiles, and snuggly cuddles when all snuggled up ready for bed....... aaaaahhhhhhh

The past few weeks have been a bit of a juggling act trying to make sure Little Tyke is happy, Little Squash is eating and napping sufficiently to prevent total bedtime overstimulation meltdown, and me getting enough rest to remain upright for as long as required. Most of these things have just about worked out okay, although the naps for the little guy haven't quite happened as planned. I am not a rigid routine kind of Mum, when LT was little I just kind of followed her cues of when she was tired or hungry and created a routine around that, but with our second bundle of loveliness it seems a little harder to remember what they want, when, while trying to build a train set at the same time. 
So I decided to create some kind of routine and wrote it down, and hey presto he's a happier baby, so that's nice ! 

It's better when things work out as you would like them to isn't it ?

The glorious thing which is the great British bank holiday graced us with it's presence this weekend, and the sun came out too - for those of you non UK residents reading this, let me tell you this was nothing short of a miracle. The weather has been really bleak, I mean really really bleak, so the sun coming out on a three day weekend was nothing short of a miracle. 

I spent most of the weekend recovering from the few days of child juggling, so that was a bit of a pain to be in bed when I wanted to be outside, but by monday I summoned the energy to emerge into the sunshine, dust off my sunglasses and head to the beach for a brief, but oh so refreshing, trip out.

Sandcastles were made

Water was collected from the sea......for that so very fruitless task of attempting to put a moat around the castle.....the sand it doth absorb too much !

We were home by midday and all had a glorious afternoon sleep, just what the Dr ordered. 

Week in Pictures

 All about my two little cuties this week........

Snoozing in the garden

What you looking at ey ........?

Beautiful little feet......

Bank holiday fun on the beach............

Thursday, 2 May 2013

A few of my favourite things

This winter has felt never ending, in more ways than just the cold bleak weather, but spring is here and it feels as though there are easier times on the horizon.

I always like May, it's often sunny, there are two bank holidays and life always seems to be good ! Hoping for some happy times this spring and Summer. To start off the month we had a trip out to a little park nearby, it's one specifically for pre school kids so is perfect for us. I have a lovely lady who helps me on a Tuesday and Wednesday for some of the day, so with the promise of an afternoon in bed, and an energetic assistant, we ventured out to the park.....IN THE SUNSHINE !

Catching up with a few photos of the last weeks.

 Flowery ones......

 Painty ones.......

Out in the sunshiny ones........