Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Week

This week has been the first of five when the husbando is off work. We decided to make a bit of a schedule for the week, so I got enough rest, and he knew what was happening when. We have learned from a few bad holiday times, that this is a good recipe for our family.

I am so contended right now. Tired, but not totally exhausted, which is preferable.
Husbando tends to do the nights with our newest member, and I spend most afternoons in bed, this means we can usually do something for a few hours altogether in the morning.


Today was a trip to a museum. The day had a bumpy start, all very happy, we just realised our little tyke had made it to the train station - sans underwear. With a flowing dress on, we soon realised what had occurred, and Daddy had to hot step it back home to bring knickers ! I have to confess I was vaguely aware that she might not have underwear on, but kept on forgetting and then kind of just hoped I would have some in the change bag somewhere. ( she also had her dress on back to front - that was much more easily remedied )

When all Deane family members were suitable clad with underwear, we boarded the train and made our way to the city centre, the journey was a happy one, LT kept all adults within close proximity amused, with her commentary on the journey, and every so often shouting down the train to Daddy ( who was standing with the pushchair ) 'ARE YOU ALRIGHT DOWN THERE DADDY?'  She just about falls into the category of being young and cute enough to get away with such a few months, it will just seem annoying.

I was fairly pleased to hot step it around the museum at a 2 year olds concentration pace, not being a huge fan of museums, and my energy reserves flashing on dangerously low, a quick look at the aquarium and a few dinosaur fossils ticked our 'been to the museum' box nicely. We had a cafe pit stop, then loaded up our pushchair/wagon of children and junk and off we went, back to the station to make our way home, on a very hot sweaty train.

The deed was done, we just about made it home. I collapsed into bed, spent, but happy.

When living with the CFS monster, it's unpredictability can be hard to cope with. On days like today when it allows us to do what feels like a normal family morning, I am one happy lady.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Week in Pictures

This week has been all about early mornings......early sunrise and lovely hot temperatures will do that.
Definately not complaining,  I LOVE the summertime !

Here are a few snaps from our week, all taken before 7.30am....yaaaaawn hanging out in our bedroom, watching TV.

' Mummy says no TV til I'm at least one year old, but pah....what does she know. I'm a second baby, I just do what i like ! '

Watching Octonauts is so much more fun if you have your sun hat on don't you know......

Then, if you add one of Mummy's scarfs, it just gets better.........

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ten on Tuesday

A super speedy 10....

1. Little tyke has really taken to the english language. Her most used, albeit slightly out of context words, at the moment seem to be...........actually, slightly, sometimes. 

2. Little squash is approaching five month old....gasp, gulp, horror......some baby porridge was purchased, he has already started swiping my food. urrggggh let the weaning mess commence.

3. I love my kids, they bring such joy to me. High point of the week was when LT gave her little brother a big squeeze and said   ' I love you '   hashtag...meltedmyheart

4. The energy fairy has definitely been to visit a little more, this is good. I enjoy being on my feet.

5. I seem to have an addiction to ebay.....keeping the postal service in business one bid at a time.

6. Summer, summertime, sunny days. All good.

7. Husbando keeps promising me  'next week, I will be less busy love, work will get less stressful ' yeah right....not if Michael Gove has anything to do with it. Silly man.

8. I got my old jeans back on....pure delight. ( the muffin top which protrudes over the top is all the rage at playgroup, so I'm going with that ) It turns out, if you just eat one biscuit and not a whole packet you loose a few pounds - who knew !?

9. My big brother is getting married this summer.......eeeek, very excited.

10. When I have a tiny bit of energy in the tank, I start to plan crazy things in my head, like going to a music festival with the kids, travelling in SE asia, and swimming the english channel one day....a girls gotta dream right ?