Saturday, 16 February 2013

Big red ball

The big red ball comes with promises galore,
Sit on it, bounce on it, put it on the floor.

In answer to most post natal queries,
Sitting on 'The ball' seems to be top of the list of theories.

Theories of baby positioning, deep down in the pelvis,
Sit on it, bounce on it, move your hips like Elvis.

For the most part, 'The Ball' sits lonely and unused,
Hundreds of women sat on the sofa, slouching feeling confused.

Confused as to weather 'The Ball' is all it's claimed to be,
And if it really makes a difference if you sit on it while watching TV.

So I salute 'The Ball' sitting ladies, mine has been neglected,
To the sofa I have defected.....

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Fun times......

The past week I have had a little more energy, so have been able to play with Little Tyke a bit more and generally be out of bed ( albeit lying on the sofa ) and pottering around the house.
It's been great, as these are our last few weeks with just me, her and him. So have enjoyed a few moments of just reflecting and enjoying this stage we've had as a three, while at the same time, anticipating the arrival of our boy who will make us a four.

A few snapshots of the nice things we've done......

This my friends is a picnic, apparently the one on the left, squashed into the ground is Daddy having a sleep......NEVER SLEEP in the presence of my daughter, she may squash you into the ground and say 'SLEEPING'

Apparently this is a boat, she suddenly insisted that she needed a spoon........I think it was doubling as a paddle...... a 2 year old's imagination is an amazing place :)

Tonight Husbando broke down on the way home from work, thankfully a lovely friend popped over in that slot of 'awake from nap time ,but Daddy's not home yet ' time, which is usually my worst time of day, she also cooked us some tea ( yes I do have amazing friends ). However LT didn't want the curry, so I decided on a tea which she would enjoy and would eat....... this is what it was.....humous and cucumber, then topped with some breadsticks which she proceeded to dip in a yoghurt. There was also a small orange which was split into segments and then kind of 'mixed' in with the rest of the food.

 Gross ? most definitely. Nutritious ? - fairly. Kept her happy for twenty minutes ? Check. A peaceful teatime ? oh yes indeed !

We had a fun teatime, and afterwards listened to Stevie Wonder LOUD, while LT bounced on our bed.

And lastly, my Mum came to visit last week. Normally when she is here I tend to have a long bath, some extra sleep and then lie on the sofa while she cooks or amuses LT, but last week we made it out for a little bite of lunch. Such a special time, with Mum and Daughter. There is something special about being out with my Mum, and my girl with her Mum, it just feels complete. 
I am blessed to have my Mum alive and well. 

........awaiting sausage sandwiches and paninis ......... yum.