Saturday, 16 February 2013

Big red ball

The big red ball comes with promises galore,
Sit on it, bounce on it, put it on the floor.

In answer to most post natal queries,
Sitting on 'The ball' seems to be top of the list of theories.

Theories of baby positioning, deep down in the pelvis,
Sit on it, bounce on it, move your hips like Elvis.

For the most part, 'The Ball' sits lonely and unused,
Hundreds of women sat on the sofa, slouching feeling confused.

Confused as to weather 'The Ball' is all it's claimed to be,
And if it really makes a difference if you sit on it while watching TV.

So I salute 'The Ball' sitting ladies, mine has been neglected,
To the sofa I have defected.....

1 comment:

  1. Haha! I know my sister didn't much like hers when she was pregnant, though apparently balancing on it when giving birth, whilst on gas and air, was rather amusing!
    I might not be pregnant, but I love my ball! It has made a huge difference to my back pain, and helps me do several stretches which help my neck pain and headaches too.
    The sofa is definitely less fatiguing though!
    Helen x