Sunday, 22 September 2013

Week in pictures

Most of these photos are from the past month I guess.
As you can see LT has been into lining up toys, races and 'expeditions'.

I know if I took a few minutes to edit these photos they could look really good, but if I'm being honest I just don't want to .......
I am all about doing what I enjoy at the moment, so I say PAH to editing ! 

The races are on

Beautiful 'Teal' sat obediently where she was put. I think she was in the 'audience' 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Three little pegs....

(Well, they are actually nails, as that's what I had to hand when the urge took me to put them there )

I have always, since I can remember, wanted to be a Mum. I enjoy being around children, painting, talking about nonsense and playing. To have my own children, has always been a part of what I wanted to do with my life. I feel unbelievable pleased that it has happened, to me.

In spite of the difficulty of having CFS, most of the time, I love being a Mum. I like having a house full of toys, I like painty finger marks on the walls, I like that half of our kitchen is an art easel and a jumperoo, I like that we go to the park at the weekend, I like baking cupcakes, I like creating things out of playdough. I like choosing my kid's clothes, I like planning fun things to do together, I like playgroups, I like lying on the floor rolling around for no particular reason. I like having a bubble bath with a child in it, and lots of toys.

Now, hear me out here, if you read my blog regularly you will know, that I have my days, days of exhaustion, despair and that overwhelming urge, NOT to be the Mummy.....just for a few days. There is a very good trend at the moment in the blogging world, around writing honest posts about parenting, which is wonderful, a HUGE breath of fresh air, any war on this crazy comparison in parenting is worth fighting.

But for today, I wanted to share the things I love about it, as there are many.

The other day I knocked these three nails into the wall, and hung my kids cute things on them, in our hallway, for all to see. It makes my heart happy when I walk down the stairs and see them, hanging there, waiting patiently til they will next be required to shield a child from the rain, or make a 6 month old cosy and warm. I love having a house full of hussle and bussle and craziness, wellies strewn, ( although little tyke is learning to put her shoes on the rack pretty well these days ! ) buckets of sand in places they shouldn't really be, and sitting down to watch some tv, after the kids are asleep in a room full of toys.
Would I still enjoy this stage if I was in it for the rest of my life, probably not, but right now, I refuse to wish it away.

I am thankful for every painty hand print.

( not to mention the money to pay the cleaner to wipe them away ! )

Saturday, 14 September 2013


I haven't checked in for a while, lots of things have been whirring around my mind to write about, but as per usual, there isn't quite the time and space to put them on the page.
I have been doing a fair bit of reading other blogs, many times recently I've stumbled across a blog post which has put into words exactly what I have been thinking about. It's so often the case, we think we are the only ones mulling over an issue, only to find that actually, we aren't alone, instead across the globe we are all influenced by so many of the same issues and thinkings. 
Kind of weird, but great at the same time.

I love this lady's writing, I feel like we are on the same page. awidemercy

I have been wrangling with how much more we need to support each other as parents. Weather we push our babies, or carry them, breast or bottle feed. Seriously, life is hard enough for constant judgement. This article added to my existing thoughts about this. huff post

My Little tyke is hurtling towards being 'number 3'........ I won't say things like 'where has the time gone'.....'they grow so fast'......but yes, those things ! I am loving spending so much time with her, her personality is emerging beautifully and I love our time together. There are times where I CaNNOT wait for bedtime, to see her eyes and mouth close, silencing the constant stream of 'why' mummy, but I love a 3 year olds zest for life, and have to say, I learn so much from her questions and excitement at the simple things in life. 

The littlest Deane is getting bigger, and LOUDER. There are teeth, and there is eating. There are still night wakings, but not so many these days. 
He is scrumptious. I have considered eating him on more than one occasion.