Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Fun times......

The past week I have had a little more energy, so have been able to play with Little Tyke a bit more and generally be out of bed ( albeit lying on the sofa ) and pottering around the house.
It's been great, as these are our last few weeks with just me, her and him. So have enjoyed a few moments of just reflecting and enjoying this stage we've had as a three, while at the same time, anticipating the arrival of our boy who will make us a four.

A few snapshots of the nice things we've done......

This my friends is a picnic, apparently the one on the left, squashed into the ground is Daddy having a sleep......NEVER SLEEP in the presence of my daughter, she may squash you into the ground and say 'SLEEPING'

Apparently this is a boat, she suddenly insisted that she needed a spoon........I think it was doubling as a paddle...... a 2 year old's imagination is an amazing place :)

Tonight Husbando broke down on the way home from work, thankfully a lovely friend popped over in that slot of 'awake from nap time ,but Daddy's not home yet ' time, which is usually my worst time of day, she also cooked us some tea ( yes I do have amazing friends ). However LT didn't want the curry, so I decided on a tea which she would enjoy and would eat....... this is what it was.....humous and cucumber, then topped with some breadsticks which she proceeded to dip in a yoghurt. There was also a small orange which was split into segments and then kind of 'mixed' in with the rest of the food.

 Gross ? most definitely. Nutritious ? - fairly. Kept her happy for twenty minutes ? Check. A peaceful teatime ? oh yes indeed !

We had a fun teatime, and afterwards listened to Stevie Wonder LOUD, while LT bounced on our bed.

And lastly, my Mum came to visit last week. Normally when she is here I tend to have a long bath, some extra sleep and then lie on the sofa while she cooks or amuses LT, but last week we made it out for a little bite of lunch. Such a special time, with Mum and Daughter. There is something special about being out with my Mum, and my girl with her Mum, it just feels complete. 
I am blessed to have my Mum alive and well. 

........awaiting sausage sandwiches and paninis ......... yum.

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