Wednesday, 30 January 2013

NHS and Smarties

The NHS came up trumps again today, we live close to a health centre, which is like a 'one stop shop' for clinics of all shapes and sizes. I feel like it is my second home at the moment, in the past few months I have been there to see......... the GP, Practise Nurse, Health visitor, Psychologist, Opthamalmic person, Phelbotomist and Dentist, all under one roof. Although it has got to the point where the taxi driver has almost stopped asking me where I want to go, as usually it's there. It is one thing I think the NHS has got right recently. ( Yes Mr Cameron do you hear me ? don't be ruining it completely please, PLEASE )

When Little Tyke was a baby the place had a fault with the heating, so it was always HOT, too hot, in winter and summer. As you can imagine, waiting with a baby in a hot stuffy place with lots of people, kids and germs all flying around in an array of illness and impatience, it wasn't a place for a sleep deprived mummy to enjoy ! It's amazing what turning down the heating a few notches can do. It is now a far more pleasant experience, that mixed with knowing which of the 5 reception desks your meant to be at, all makes life easier. Life should always be as easy as possible I think.

Today it was the Opthalmic clinic for LT we were gracing with our presence. I have been dreading it for a while if I'm honest, I just don't have the energy for such things. But today wasn't too bad, while we waited for quite a looooong time, LT did insist on basically dusting the floors with her body, but in an attempt to keep us both happy I just let her get on with it, thankfully the floors were fairly clean (?!). She also asked me in a loud voice 'why has that man got a plaster on his head ?.'...which was a little unfortunate as he did look a little embarrassed. There was a tricky moment when a 5 year old boy attempted to 'share' her peppa pig toys which she was more than a little put out about. To be fair, he was fairly hyperactive and had very little concept of why he might scare her. 

The Dr at the clinic was very lovely and actually smiled which is more than can be said for the last opthalmic person we saw - why work with kids if you don't even smile at them ! So the Dr fella got 10/10 and the lady we saw before him  ( not actually sure what her title is ) were wonderful with LT, and with a promise of smarties when we were done, she co operated in a way which made me feel like a proud smug parent. ( you have to revel in these rare occasions to make up for the times when they are throwing things at other kids and refusing to do as you ask them while out in public ! )

All in all, the morning I had been dreading for a few weeks now, wasn't too bad. 

Big up the Health Centre I say. 

( only downside was having to fish something out of dirty clothes pile in a bid to leave the house in more than just my bra and bulging maternity jeans ) 

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