Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Ten on Tuesday

I started writing this last monday, a full 8 days later I have finished....who knew things could take so long.

1. I was slightly inspired by the concept of an advent calendar in a fairly non spiritual way this year,  I would get a new music cd every month, rather than a chocolate every day. A new cd daily might be a little too expensive ! The Husbando and I each have a tenner every month we can spend on whatever we like, yeah it's not mega bucks, but it's still like pocket money. He spends his on beer, mine usually goes on a face wash, or a new something for LT like a magazine or other such item to entertain her on a tired day. But this year I am claiming back my £10 for something I enjoy. I need to inject a little more music into my life, I love listening to music and don't do it enough, so in a bid not to loose myself entirely this year to nappies and fatigue, I have made an Amazon wish list.... and at the start of each month Husbando chooses one and it will arrive, on my doormat for me to open and listen to. Kind of a surprise, but one I have chosen ! Stevie Wonder was the choice for January - just lifts my slightly weary spirits a bit. 

2. My friend has started writing a new blog, check it out for some fun tales of homeschooling, book reviews and general views on family life  .......  Land of the Living. She is the lovely friend who has LT for me one day a week, we have been friends for about 13 years, in some ways we are polar opposites, but share so many similar values and shared experiences, I count her to be one of my close friends.....albeit one I don't actually get to spend that much time with.

3. I read the book 'The Help' over Christmas, a bit late to the party I know, but I finally got my hands on a copy and had a little look and see. I really enjoyed it, 

I have to say I found some of it a little long winded, but it was a great read. Back in the days of A-Levels I read quite a few books written by African American women in the midst of the civil rights movement in the sixties, or during the abolition of slavery, so it was different reading a novel from the perspective of white women too. I enjoyed the interwoven characters and the fact the ending wasn't all rosy. Since my carefree days of sixth form I have dipped in and out of what seems to be known as 'womanist prose', Alice Walker is one of my favourite authors, and part of the reason Little Tyke has Alice as her middle name. Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison are also great. If you liked 'The Help' check out these books too. 
The Third life of Grange Copeland 
In search of our mother's gardens 
I know why the caged bird sings

Clearly don't buy them from the tax dodging naughties which are Amazon cos of course as point number one clearly states I never do......*cough cough*

4. Discovered recently that I have very low levels of Vitamin B12, not sure how long they have been like that, so it was nice to make a discovery of one of the many reasons which could be behind why I have such low energy. Alas the treatment was two weeks of injections every other day - ooowwwch they hurt ! So over the festive period I graced the Dr Surgery with my presence three times a week - I know how to have fun ey :) Made me thankful once more for the NHS though, we are so fortunate for the services we get in the UK.

5. I have decided I'm quite fed up of 'news' - always such bad news. And politics.......yawwwwn. I do have a keen interest in politics, but at the moment I just have lost all care for it. I shall for now blame it on the fact that all my 'caring' quota is being used up on being a baby cooker and Mother to a two year old. If i'm still this apathetic in a year or so, someone give me kick up the backside.

6. Getting to that very heavy stage now.......Pregnancy is a blessing, but finding it very tough this time round. ONLY 5 WEEKS TO GO.......feelings of 'hooray' and 'oh my goodness what have we done' flow in equal measure.

7. I have definitely arrived in that adult stage of life where you spend Birthday and Christmas money on new bedroom curtains and duvet set, yes it's true. I realised that over the past 7 years I have spent a LONG time in my bed and looking at our curtains, so it was time for a change. Some cool blues and tranquil whites have now replaced the kind of dark purple theme.....It's the little things in life ey.

8. Over the two weeks Husbando had off work he spent most of his waking hours with Little Tyke, She has always been a real Mummy's girl, but their little relationship has flourished lots recently, and the bond between them is so sweet to see. 
LT has one amazing Daddy it has to be said.

Here she is in the park with Daddy, while I sat on a bench and took some photos.

She was on her way to feed the ducks, dropped the bread on the floor, flock of pigeons descend to eat it, this is her shouting 'That's not for you' she then proceeded to pick up the bread, take it from them, only to deposit it safely with their rightful recipient. That's my girl. A bit bossy, and certainly not afraid of a few hungry pigeons .....

9. Ended last year feeling utter terror at how I would cope with this coming year, but I think I'm starting to feel like it ....might....just....be.....alright. Looking forward to meeting baby number two, while slightly fearful all at the same time. I think I have the emotional stability of a 13 year old girl who just found out Justin Bieber is off the market.

10. Realised last week I hadn't packed a hospital bag, despite having the bits to go in it scattered around the house. I suddenly got the urge to assemble them into some kind of vessel ready to grab when the time comes. Last time Husbando was drying me some trousers with a hairdryer while I was busy contracting in the bedroom as I had nothing I could put on to go to the hospital in......it definitely wasn't the most prepared I've ever been. People keep telling me this baby will come faster that my first, so if that's true I have to get to hospital quick. ( just wait, he'll be late and take hours and days to emerge just to prove us all wrong !)

That's all for now I think. I have composed so many 'posts' to write over recent weeks, all in my head, none of them made it here just yet, but I'm hoping to write a few more soon. 
(To get them out my head if for no other purpose ! )


  1. That's a brilliant idea with the CDs :) I struggle to spend money on myself too, and sometimes my husband just has to ask me what I really want and buy it for me, because I just can't bring myself to do it!

    I'm glad you're feeling a bit calmer about everything. I understand what it is like to be very emotional, so *hugs*

    Helen x

    1. Thanks helen :) hope u had a nice festive time. Loving the sock monkeys you've been making.

  2. Ah, we have just more than just news avoidance in common! I am pregnant at the mo and have a two year old too! I have about 24 weeks to go though! I also read THe HElp this Xmas. My Mum gave it to me ages ago but I didn't fancy it. Then I ran out of books right before Xmas and ending up finishing it in two days. Couldn't put it down! Hope those last few weeks go ok for you. Can be so tiring x

    1. Congratulations on baby number 2 ! Its definately a little more tricky than when expecting your first bundle of joy ey :) All worth it in the end. Hope you are feeling well ?