Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ten on Tuesday

A super speedy 10....

1. Little tyke has really taken to the english language. Her most used, albeit slightly out of context words, at the moment seem to be...........actually, slightly, sometimes. 

2. Little squash is approaching five month old....gasp, gulp, horror......some baby porridge was purchased, he has already started swiping my food. urrggggh let the weaning mess commence.

3. I love my kids, they bring such joy to me. High point of the week was when LT gave her little brother a big squeeze and said   ' I love you '   hashtag...meltedmyheart

4. The energy fairy has definitely been to visit a little more, this is good. I enjoy being on my feet.

5. I seem to have an addiction to ebay.....keeping the postal service in business one bid at a time.

6. Summer, summertime, sunny days. All good.

7. Husbando keeps promising me  'next week, I will be less busy love, work will get less stressful ' yeah right....not if Michael Gove has anything to do with it. Silly man.

8. I got my old jeans back on....pure delight. ( the muffin top which protrudes over the top is all the rage at playgroup, so I'm going with that ) It turns out, if you just eat one biscuit and not a whole packet you loose a few pounds - who knew !?

9. My big brother is getting married this summer.......eeeek, very excited.

10. When I have a tiny bit of energy in the tank, I start to plan crazy things in my head, like going to a music festival with the kids, travelling in SE asia, and swimming the english channel one day....a girls gotta dream right ?

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