Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The sun doth shine.

My Little squishy squash has reached the ripe old age of 10 weeks. I am going to cling to that cliche which every parent holds dear....'it goes so quickly', and it really does. I am really enjoying him, his cute smiles, and snuggly cuddles when all snuggled up ready for bed....... aaaaahhhhhhh

The past few weeks have been a bit of a juggling act trying to make sure Little Tyke is happy, Little Squash is eating and napping sufficiently to prevent total bedtime overstimulation meltdown, and me getting enough rest to remain upright for as long as required. Most of these things have just about worked out okay, although the naps for the little guy haven't quite happened as planned. I am not a rigid routine kind of Mum, when LT was little I just kind of followed her cues of when she was tired or hungry and created a routine around that, but with our second bundle of loveliness it seems a little harder to remember what they want, when, while trying to build a train set at the same time. 
So I decided to create some kind of routine and wrote it down, and hey presto he's a happier baby, so that's nice ! 

It's better when things work out as you would like them to isn't it ?

The glorious thing which is the great British bank holiday graced us with it's presence this weekend, and the sun came out too - for those of you non UK residents reading this, let me tell you this was nothing short of a miracle. The weather has been really bleak, I mean really really bleak, so the sun coming out on a three day weekend was nothing short of a miracle. 

I spent most of the weekend recovering from the few days of child juggling, so that was a bit of a pain to be in bed when I wanted to be outside, but by monday I summoned the energy to emerge into the sunshine, dust off my sunglasses and head to the beach for a brief, but oh so refreshing, trip out.

Sandcastles were made

Water was collected from the sea......for that so very fruitless task of attempting to put a moat around the castle.....the sand it doth absorb too much !

We were home by midday and all had a glorious afternoon sleep, just what the Dr ordered. 

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