Monday, 31 December 2012

A few festive moments

As promised, a whole year on.........

I haven't been getting dressed a whole lot recently, but for a few days over Christmas the wonder of being dressed and wearing makeup occurred.........:) Opening some pressies with my Little Tyke.

Little tyke did some spectacular vomitting a few hours before christmas dinner, so here she is looking a bit pale and eating rich tea biscuits instead of turkey !

Delicious Christmas dinner with my family....panaramic shot by husbando and a clever thing called an iphone :)

New dolls house....hours of fun ...

One day over Christmas time, i am fairly sure my Little tyke ate a small breakfast, and then nothing but icing from the Christmas cake for the rest of the day. In a house full of adults it's easy to loose track of a 2 year old, as she was always entertained ( bliss ! ) so I kind of forgot my parenting duties as far as nutrition was concerned......ooops.

I was sad not to quite have the stamina for Church on Christmas day, so my family went without me :(
I did however, inject a little bit of festive culture into my morning while lying in bed, listening to a Christmas service on the radio from some clever place where a choir sing in tune and sound very professional...kings college cambridge I think it was. A few years ago my sister and I added our own special timing while singing 'ding dong merrily on high', in a church where our family nearly doubled the congregation, it was more than a little noticeable, so the inevitable uncontrollable laughter ensued. So at least there was some in tune carol singing in my absence !  ( Apparently LT did shout out and try to talk to my Mum  ( who was taking the Christmas Service ) I'm sure my Mum was a little embarrassed, but loved it really, how can anyone be annoyed with a cute 2 year old in a reindeer dress ?! )

That's all for now, just off to tuck into one of the large quantities of thorntons chocolates we are in possession of...... mmmmmmmm

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