Thursday, 2 February 2012

Week in pictures

I stupidly forgot to take my camera with us this weekend when we went out to a Moroccan longue for a meal, lots of lovely fabrics and lighting to clikedy click. But alas, so this weeks entries are the usual  everyday life with my Little Tike.

I love this one, yes it's fuzzy, but captures that just got out of bed, snotty face look which has summed her up this week.

Building, Building.

Lights, Lights - ah the joy of a 'sensory room' ( For those of you who've never been in one, this is what your taxes pays for ! )

Shiny sunshine came out to play

Anemones are trying their best.

Curse of the 'toxic childhood'........


Crayon on the floor, Crayon in the mouth, Crayon on the teeth, not so much on the paper....

Pretty playroom light.

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