Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Little tyke has moved into a 'i'm nearly 18 months and have a very cute voice stage.' Having spent a fair ammont of my life nannying and babysitting other people's kids, I knew before I had a baby that I would love this age. It's the time when that oh so cute voice comes out with words, often in the wrong context, and when in the right context, it is just so very sweet, and kind of takes you by surprise.
She is well and truly there. Having been saying for the last few weeks to her ' which shoes shall we put on you today, the purple ones or the red ones? ' ( the luxury of not having to rush anywhere and only having one child....plenty of time for a running commentary of the day ) I hadn't thought for a minute that she was actually listening. Then yesterday, as clear as anything, she picked up her purple shoes and passed them to her Daddy and said 'purple'.  in a high pitched sing songy voice. Adorable.

2. My longue wall was painted ............Thankyou husbando. You are great. Really great, for many reasons and this is just one of them.

3. Went out for a dig in the garden this week, did a very little bit of planting things in the mud. Loved every minute. It is just amazing that I plant something which looks a bit like a dead twig in the mud, and in a few months sure enough a beautiful flowering plant will emerge.........love love love it.

4. So then, this greek money crisis business, please will someone just sort it out ! I don't care who, but surely these talks have been going on long enough now ?

5. Aldi's tealoaf is delicious. You should try it.

6. My brother sent me this linky a few weeks ago, thought it was great. Puts a fresh slant on the meaning of 'sharing' ............

I really like this song anyway, but this cover is brilliant. Although the guy on the far right looks a bit redundant til half way through !

7. We are going to a wedding in a few weeks, I would kind of like a backless cocktail type dress, something a bit fun, a kind of classic 50's style with a full skirt which comes below the knee. Being on a tight budget I typed it into ebay to see if there was one on there. Type ........' backless red cocktail dress' into google and you get a whole other type of dress !! And one problem with being tall, is that a short dress on me is kind of indecent. I'm not scared of flashing a little bit of leg, but I do draw the line at a full on bum cheek. Nuff said.

8.  Today, Little tike and I went on our weekly trip to costa, didn't have camera,( no i don't have a smart phone ) but if I had you would see a clear plastic costa cup, half filled with water, with 3 small yellow rubber ducks bobbing about in it, and plenty of water on the table, floor and chair. It was a wonderful moment where I could see her little creative mind wirring around. Water + ducks = fun.  (even if they are plastic and the water is in a cup ) I chose not to intervene and I 'm glad I didn't. She had fun, I drank tea and enjoyed a moment of watching the little brain I helped create, thinking, imagining and experimenting. Wonderful.

9. Shoes, I need to mention shoes.......I haven't bought a new pair for a while, I think it's time that happened soon. Could I just get rid of  1/2 an inch from my big toes please ? then I could buy some prettier ones. Thankyou.

10. A wonderful friend of mine surprised us with a delivery from ocado this week, containing four ready meals. (the very delicious 'could be home made' posh type) And some other tasty treats too. Good friends are hard to find aren't they ? I seem to have found a few, and feel very blessed, spoilt, and thankful for them.

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