Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Turns out Currys is quite a good place to take a toddler on a Saturday afternoon, as long as you stick to the washing machine end. Lots of room to run,  not much to break. 
Little climb on an empty shelf.

2.  My sister got engaged at the weekend, to a very lovely man. I am one excited sister ! And Willow will be a flower girl  - cuteness.

3.  Painting took place today. Not so much about the paint on paper yet, far too tasty.

4.  When writing this I am realising that over the past few weeks I haven't done much, or thought about much outside toddler world. I need to bring a little more culture into my life, I have started reading a book that has no pictures and more than 10 pages, so that's a start I guess. You never know, one day I might make it to a concert or an Art gallery............?

5. Have taken up my love of eating biscuits again. Not so good for the waistline, but I figure i'll worry about that when I've finished popping out any kids we'r gonna have in a few years, and enjoy the calories for now. I do love a biscuit. These ones are amongst my favourite.

6.  It's half term next week, which is good for many reasons, but I always feel that you've broken the back of winter when you get to february half term, there is more daylight, and you can feel spring poking it's head around the corner and waving hello.

7.  Little Tike loves to hide in our curtains, 'hide' being one of her many new words. Just not sure how much more our curtain pole can take of being pulled before it leaves it's plasterboard plugs and falls to the floor.

8.  My Mum bought me a years subscription to 'red' magazine last year, and this months, there was an article which started ' struggling to decide which shade of grey to paint your living room'....? well yes actually, I am ! It then went on to list symptoms of being a 'decision phobic'.... mmmm I am a fairly decisive person, but maybe I have fallen at this hurdle. I have since decided on my shade of grey, and am hoping ( so desperately hoping) that Husbando will paint it in his week off work, and put up my lovely invisible book shelves which santa bought me. please, please, please.

9. Took Little tyke to an indoor play centre this week, she had climbed up to crawl across and go down the slide. I was chatting to another lady, and realised I hadn't seen her pop out the bottom, when I looked I could just see her little feet poking out. I went over, and there she was lying at the bottom of the slide, hands above, behind her head just lying down having a little look around. She's a funny little thing.

10.  On my tenth birthday I had a pineapple cake, shaped like a pineapple and tasted like a pineapple, just thought I'd share.

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  1. Here is some culture: http://www.artic.edu/aic/collections/artwork/111318?search_id=12

    Click to enlarge, and then scroll right to see five more - Monet's 'Haystacks', they're amazing.

  2. Stu, you are a truly well rounded 'culture vulture'.
    Ta for linky