Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Today is valentines day, and for the first time since we've been married we both kind of forgot. But we have the week together, so I guess it just didn't feel necessary to send a card or a gift....? has the romance died? I think not, but maybe I'm wrong and this is a sign of things to come???! Oh dear me.

2. I have a real dislike of those phrases you see tweeted or written on a plaque. Like 'follow your dreams bla bla bla' yes I am ranting...... I recently read one which said... 'You are not a product of your circumstances, just your decisions' pah, tell that to a child in DRC who's starving and has watched their mother repeatedly tortured. I think there will be things in their circumstances which kind of produce things in them which will never be reversed. and decisions are a luxury the vast majority of people don't have. 
I understand the sentiment behind these things, but they either make you feel bad cos your not achieving/fulfilling those wistful dreams you had as a teenager, or feel smug cos you are ! I am a big fan of having dreams, and hopes. But a plaque somewhere needs to say that sh*t happens, and you know, you need to find Joy in the day your in right now. Your dreams might not come to pass, but that's not necessarily something you can do anything about. 
Rant over.

3. On a less frustrated note, as we drove past the garden centre near ours today, Little Tike said from the back of the car, 'amnaaaals' as she pointed to the garden centre. Yes there are animals there which we go and see......Man that girl is learning quickly.

4. ' Faaam' is how little tike says ' farm '. And her favourite programme 'small potatoes' has an episode set on a farm, she loves it. So heck, why not have a look..... check about 40 seconds in. Gotta love a bit of a hillbilly type inspired song.

5. We have started watching the series 'homeland' it is really good. But like most things I am not looking forward to the second series, cos it's never as good. I would recommend the first ones, it's like a slower paced 24, with a good strong female lead character. Claire Danes, I've always liked her, I think it's cos she played Juliet in Baz Lurnamn's Romeo and juilet, one of my favourite films. ( It also gave me hope as a teenager - that there was a movie star that was as flat chested as me ! )

6. I have had lots of ideas for making, painting, collaging recently....mmmmm wonder if any of those ideas will materialise ? chances are slim me thinks.

7. Cake. We need to talk about cake...... It's been a while since I've eaten a good cake. I love cake, and since having the Little Tike there just hasn't been energy for baking. Not sure how Husbando would react if he came home from work and on top of all the things he does around the house, I had not done the few things that I usually do cos 'sorry love, I baked a cake'..... well unless it was a chocolate cake. But to be honest I prefer a fruit based cake, or carrot or coffee, or walnut etc etc etc, but chocolate cake, not so much.

I need to reverse this situation. I need more cake.

8.  We have a travelling fair type thingy parked up near our house. Little Tike is more than a little taken with the lights. Having spent the past 3 days watching them go round and round and up and down from the window, we made her dreams come true, and wandered over and had a look round. Yes she loved it. And yes I bought some of this.... tasty

9. There is a rumour in my house, that tomorrow is the day my longue wall will be painted my chosen shade of grey. I will keep you posted of this development.

10. My sister is still getting married, now there is talk of dresses, flower girls - (yes that will be my daughter, and yes she will be cute, and probably not walk where she is meant to) and a hen weekend. My little sister, all grown up. What a catch she is. She is seriously gorgeous outside and in. 

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  1. i love small potatos!! wish i could come and watch with willow!

    miss u x