Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Willow has entered that 'hitting phase'....humph. Not a fan of a lovely little girlie who likes to hit. I am getting lots of practise at my best cross face.

2. Purple tulips brightening up my day.

3. I listened to a fascinating conversation with Richard Holloway on radio 4 yesterday. I tried to put a link to it, but annoyingly iplayer says that half hour of radio is unavailable. So sadly I can't share it with you, but it was a really thought provoking conversation about religion and belief. One lady on there, a former Nun in the catholic church, commented how belief can be egotistical....... 'This is what I believe, what I stand for'  Really made me stop. and think. I have a strong faith and many beliefs, but have come to question more and more the dogma and egotism that can be attached to these things in organised religion. 
So those are my deep thoughts for the week !! If the link becomes available i'll share it soon. It was on 'start the week' monday 9.30pm. Radio 4.

Now back to more important matters of flowers and ice cream...........

4. Poppies are one of my favourite flowers, looking forward to planting these ( and hopefully seeing them grow very soon )

( yes I have just put a photo of a packet of seeds on my blog.........point 6 might explain lack of creativity this week ! )

5. So then pancake day came and went and now it's lent. Lent is a funny old one isn't it. To fast and then tell everyone about it, or not ! mmmmmm ........Hoping to find a way to connect with my Jesus and what He went through during this time. Not sure how though, and knowing me I will be still asking this question in 4 weeks time when it's a little bit late.

6. I've had a cold for 3 weeks now, and a few unexpected things occurred during the last few days which has knocked me off my tight rope walk of balancing activity and rest....time to climb back on the tightrope me thinks. BORING.

7. I am still confused ( and to be honest, a bit annoyed) as to why 'winnie the pooh' was called that name, cos yes he has a 'H' at the end, but it is still the same word as 'Poo'. I find myself saying to Willow, ' shall we go upstairs and find poo ' now that is just a bit gross really isn't it ?1 Of course our pilgrimage is for the yellow bear with his trusty red t-shirt, but still, I do wish he was called something else.

8. Accompanying my sister to try on wedding dresses this saturday - VERY excited. 

9. Pizza for tea tonight in our house.......I wonder what people did before pasta, pizza and pesto graced our shores with their tasty presence ? I guess that's why people ate a lot of this ....

errrrgh gross.

10. While on the topic of food, I ate quite a lot, in fact a very big lot of ice cream on saturday night. It is my biggest vice, ( well there is cake, but I don't think of that as a vice, as it has eggs and flour in it so that's nutritious right ?) the creamy sweet, frozen foodstuff...........my top three favourites are ........Baileys haagen daaz , toffee ice cream  ( not picky about the brand) and carte noir -raspberry pavlova.......... D . L icious.  Husbando sometimes buys me a pot of ice cream instead of flowers. He knows me well.

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  1. But ice cream is mostly made of milk, so that should surely count for something!

    I hope Radio 4 sorst itself out coz I'd like to listen to that programme. I usually have half an ear tuned into radio 4 in the mornings... gutted I missed it. Sounds very interesting indeed.

  2. well maybe. But I think we both know that Milk isn't really that good for human adults, we just pretend it is !! But yes, milk does have nutritional value, so maybe it's not as bad as I first thought......ahaaaaaaa