Thursday, 16 February 2012

NHS and M+Ms

Today I am more than a little sleepy, having been out for an early tea with some lovely mummy friends ( without the kids  ) and then not slept very well, due to annoying sore shoulder I am feeling a bit, well, drugged to be honest.

This week has been a funny old one, more than a few trips to the hospital for reasons I might go into another time, and a clinic appointment today at the CFS service. ( I have been waiting for the appointment for months and months - today was the day ) Have all contributed to a rather 'NHS heavy' week.

As expected, the lady I saw basically said that I am managing my condition very well ( gold star for me ), and need to keep doing it, and hope for the best..........................But not expect full recovery anytime soon. So there you have it, an encouraging, (albeit slightly less hopeful) prognosis from a health care professional than I had hoped for.

One thing I do need to vent about slightly is this..... I was referred into the CFS service initially about 7 years ago. And amongst other things they said under NO CIRCUMSTANCES must one with CFS sleep in the day, cos it messes your body clock up. I was more than a little baffled by this, as a brief sleep in the day is what was getting me through. Anyway, true to form, obedient old me followed advice and fought my way through without a sleep for YEARS. Eventually I realised that I actually slept better at night if I had a brief sleep in the day, so threw caution to the wind and incorporated a nap or two every so often into my rather odd way of life. However today I discover that 7 years on, the service has developed and evolved and hey presto,  ' a sleep for an hour a day won't do you any harm' ............THANKYOU ! I knew it wouldn't. Trying not to feel annoyed about this issue, and have to say I am learning that listening to your instincts is more often than not, the way to go.

Being told you are good at managing your condition, and already putting into practise all the advice they have to give you, is very nice in one way. But at the same time, I was hoping for some new revolutionary discovery which could actually........wait for it..........make me reach 100% recovery. Alas my hopes were too lofty.

So for now, I will drag my tired little behind, off to bed, and enjoy the memory of my little outing out last night with the girls, and eat a big old bag of peanut M+Ms......they are a large part of my recovery don't you know.

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