Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday catch up

Well this week has been an odd old one. I've been very low on the old energy and had lots of exciting things happening all at the same time. ( which is a tricky one to juggle ) 
My lovely sister, my beautiful mum and little ( well quite big actually) old me went to a few bridal shops for lovely sis to try on some dresses. Mum and I sat on sofas while lil sis stood there looking radiant. We drank tea, chatted, flagged down taxis, ate lunch, the whole caboodle. It was lovely. 

My sister has what some people might call a 'Pippa Middleton bum' yes it really is that good, so we were trying to find a dress to accentuate her acet !! he he, there was much laughter, and I think some of the ladies in the shop were probably a little confused by our constant commentary on every dress................every aspect............. every detail. Imagine if you will, three ladies who can talk, really talk, then put them all together, with the ease that comes from being related, and hey presto - you have A LOT of words, lots of fun, a tiny bit of stress and a wonderfully memorable day.

I want to put a little add in for this bridal boutique. Beautiful setting, wonderful service, just a little bit of a cut above the rest. 

Today I am 'recovering' from said activities in bed. Never quite where I want to be for the entire day, but such is life.  
(Although I have just watched a film about some children trying to find their Dad in the middle of Alaska with a polar bear cub as their guide. So, you know, imagine if i'd missed that ey ?! )

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