Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ten on Tuesday

So then, a brief Ten, and slightly unimaginative this week. Having just proof read someone's covering letter for a job I know very little about, my brain is mushy !

This week it's all about the girl.....

1. I came into the lounge yesterday to find her playing with this.........

   that ikea special you see in most Dr surgeries. She happily played with the beads moving them around as expected. Then, she tried to get IN it, the gaps are maybe 5 inches apart and kind of all swirl around making shapes that a hamster, or maybe a baby rabbit could weave in and out of, but not a toddler. 
She was extremely upset that she could get 'in' this toy. 

Think this is the weirdest thing she has done so far.

2. She has added to her vocabulary this week 'Bra' 'Fart' and 'Burp' she is able to correctly label both aforementioned bodily noises. Not sure if I should be proud of this or not ? Of course she is at the stage where some of her words are still only recognisable to me, so if she says one in public, chances are that no one will know what she means - phew.

3. She is already displaying a preference to her cake choices. Jamican ginger cake gets the thumbs down......strange child. There isn't much better in my world than Jamican ginger cake.

4. It's weird how kids learn something, do it loads, then don't do it for a while...................... then suddenly, out of nowhere they pick it up again. This week it's waving and saying 'bye bye'. Everyone is getting a wave and bye bye at the moment, sometimes not really at the right time.

5. On a similar topic, blowing kisses, and kisses in general are coming out to play. She blows kisses to people without prompting, taxi drivers, bin men, passers by, shop keepers......cute? or a little socially awkward ? I'll leave you to decide that one.

And as for kissing batteries, yes an actual battery.................. what can I say.

6. Peppa pig, still big news in our house.

7.  Sharing, or not, as the case may be ! We have just entered the 'it's mine, so get your hands off ' stage. Mmmmmmmm adds another dimension to playgroup and having friends round. hummph.

8. Sausages, she LOVES them. This morning that was what she wanted for breakfast, that, or cheeeeeese. Sorry love, weetabix is what's on the menu.

9. Wearing Daddy's socks.........latest way to have fun. ( sorry for the blurry photo )

10. And I'll leave you with this, My little tike watering our already waterlogged garden. (This was shortly after she nearly took the head off one of her little friends with a mop handle. )

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