Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Tuesday, ten, on.

1. Willow has gone to bed on a sugar high this lunchtime, loooooooong wait at hospital clinic = chocolate bribe was necessary. She thought it was christmas, and will probably ask to visit the hospital again very soon.

2. Sunshine I have missed you, but please ask your friend 'Mr warm air' if he can come and visit us as well.

3. Birds live in tall trees near our house, very lovely. However very noisy at 4am when trying to sleep.zzzzzzzzzzz

4. I did quite a grown up thing this week, I actually sat down and worked out what clothes Willow would need for spring/summer, how I could maximise the things we have been passed down, and ordered them all, in the correct size. My usual style is to wander into the shops near our house and kind of pick up things which might be half price, Sometimes a false economy and also end up spending more with frequent trips to said retail establishments.

5. Am still very much liking my newly painted lounge wall, now to finish painting the cupboard and persuade husbando to put up the shelves. ( yes I can work a drill and am fairly handy at DIY myself, but the precious energy has to be saved for caring for the little un )

6. In my past life I have dabbled here and there in ceramics type arty stuff.  I did it at A-level and took it as a night class thingy a while ago. It's not something you can really do without a kiln etc, but my mum and her friend suggested me finding a cheap second hand one on ebay and putting it in the garage. This my friends, has set my little clay loving fingers plotting.......watch this space.

7. This evening if the brain is focussed enough I am going to venture into the world of what this setting does on my camera !

8. I had a moment of energetic thought the other day, and was looking longingly at my wetsuit, how I would love a holiday near the sea,with a bodyboard in hand. Granted there aren't many waves on this beach, but this was a lovely holiday we had a few years ago. 

9. I am a bit of a closet hippy, and love a bit of banjo playing, mandolin tinkling music. My brother is hoping for a Jesson family weekend away to this a folk festival in edale. another plan of mine....I always like to have a plan on the boil.

10. Putin's tears - do we buy them ? ahem, I think it might have been a 'tweezers in the trouser pocket moment' no ? #suspiciousoftherussianleader.

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  1. Hi,
    Hope you don't mind me following you - me and my husband are both Christians with ME, and I've really enjoyed what I've read on your blog :)

    1. hi Helen, lovely to 'meet' you ! will have a nosey around your blog when the little one is in bed. Sorry to hear you have CFS, but always nice to contact other people in the same boat, so thanks for getting in touch x Hannah

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  3. well i did what you have been doing, wandered around tesco looking at the clothes for willow. i have decided we need a trip to mother care together... i cant decide! and i want to treat my neice! xxx