Monday, 5 March 2012

Smugness and judgement

This evening I fully embraced both of the above acts. As I wandered into my Dr surgery fully expecting a loooooong wait ( my gp is very lovely, but always runs over by at least 30 mins ) I had my trusty magazine under my arm, wandered past a whole row of people who were sat there, no reading material in hand staring blankly at the latest NHS display board. Being a frequent flyer at my gp surgery I have finally learnt that going armed with reading material is a must. 
So with smugness clinging onto me like a bad smell, I then was to embark on my next less than pleasant character flaw. Next, came the judgement. Who to sit next to ? The long row of people...........old smelly man ? Old but slightly healthier looking lady ? Teenager ? Lady my age, might have young kids, lady in her 40's smart looking albeit a little impatient.You see it's a gamble when you go to the Dr, you might come out with something you didn't go in with, that the prescription you leave with can't cure. 

The Old smelly man got a miss, cos I knew i'd be there a while and well, I like a nice smell. not a bad one, then there was the old lady, looked like a good option but was too close to old smelly man. Teenager, potential for loud conversations on pink blackberry in hand - not a risk I was willing to take, so that left me with the lady my age, might have kids with different germs to me, didn't want to take those home too, and the lady in her 40's. 
Lady in her 40's with good personal hygiene won, I decided she was visiting for something very simple and not contagious. Thrush or athletes foot maybe? 

I sat, for 50 minutes, I saw the Dr, I left with a prescription a sick note and hopefully nothing else.


  1. haha this is halarious! oh hannah, those NHS electronic notice boards bore me every time xxxx

    1. i felt like a bad person when I left that surgery ! I must be getting Jaded in my old age, that poor smelly old man I just didn't want to sit next to him.