Thursday, 29 March 2012

What do we need ?

Do you ever wonder, do I actually need that ?

I do, and it gets me in a pickle.

Its reached a stage when many of my clothes are falling apart, or don't fit, and it's spring and I would also like some new ones !

But how does one differentiate between need and want ?

I think by today's standards, in england where really you kind of need to look a little bit co-ordinated and 'nice' to fit in. I probably do need some new spring/summer clothes. But really, do I need them ? 

It's not like I will walk around naked without them, so I guess the answer is no, no I don't. 

But I feel like I maybe that's ok ?

You have to live where you live, and kind of fit in a bit I guess. 

The fact that I like clothes, and enjoy picking out new things makes it even more tricky. Cos if you enjoy fulfilling a 'need' then it can make you ( well me anyway) question if it is a need or not ? do you see what I mean ? 

It also can make it more tricky to convince the person who you share your money with that you do 'need' some new clothes. The fact that you like them, can make it seem a bit too much like it's something you just 'want'..... but what if you want your need ? !

I like drinking freshly squeezed orange juice, do I need it ? Well, vitamins from oranges in some form, yes I do.

Pah, I don't know.........

Any thoughts people ?

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