Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. The Little Tyke has started saying 'Mummy' she said 'Mum' a long while a go, but she has finally said Mummy. Made my week/month/year.

2. Other cute words this week are hummis (humous), Bee and Mouse. So very sweet, she says these ones in a cutesie high girly toddler voice. Really does take me a back every time she says them - I kind of thought the english language would be too hard for her to learn ! Yes I know every other kids learns words, but when it's your own little creation coming out with them, it's just an amazing thing.

3. We went to the beach on Mothers day, managed to find a lovely patch of beach not too far from where we live, where you can park right on the prom, which means I can actually get to the sand. We went there last year on Mothers day too, feels like it could be a little tradition in the making. Tasty chips from the van, nice cup of tea in a polystyrene cup - bliss. 
The last few weeks have been tough, and the breeze and sea views blew some of the cobwebs away.

4. I have found myself watching lots of programmes on BBC2 lately, add that to my radio4 listening habit, and I am worried that I am ageing prematurely. I like to balance it with a bit of 'hippidy hoppidy' music ( as husbando calls it ) every so often, and still shop in topshop from time to time, so hopefully that balances things out a little  ............ ?! #slighltydisillusioned

5. I have resided myself to the fact that unless I do some serious exercise, and stop eating cake for breakfast, my belly will always be .........just a little bit fat. Yes I know I'm not a 'large lady' but when you've been a skinny minnie for most of your life, well, a spare tyre does feel a bit like it shouldn't be there. Don't feel as cold now though, fat is a great insulator.

6. I have always really disliked the number 6, and was slightly disappointed that we got married in 2006. Just thought i'd share.

7. Do you ever do your weekly shop and just want to buy something you don't usually buy? This week I bought a pie. We'r not really a meat pie kind of family, partly cos I don't do much cooking at the moment, and it's just not something I think of buying, only making. But this week, Mr Sainsburys is making one for me. Delicious. It's nice having others cook for you, even if they are in a factory somewhere far away from my kitchen wearing silly net hats !

8. Little tyke has been playing ..in and out...in and out.... of her new (well quite old, but new to us) playhouse. 

It's sat next to our old christmas tree which hasn't quite made it to the tip yet - looks a bit like a weird scandinavian time warp type situation in our garden at present.

9. Picked up a Bob the builder toy for £5 reduced from £40 - don't mind if I do. 'Bob's surf shack' !

Poor Little Tike did fall off a chair in costa while playing with the above plastic item. She was so engrossed in 'bob' that she quite literally just went head over heals onto the floor. oooops, lack of parental supervision ahoy.
The plastic fantastic builder extraodinaire also served as friday afternoon's entertainment - phew.... didn't make it toddler group this week, so was just what the Dr ordered.

P.S Did you know Bob has a friend called 'Brad Rad' ? He comes with his own surf board and everything ! Who knew.

10. Little Tyke's hair is looking a bit 'curly watts' from the mid 90's. She has this floaty wavy bits of the top and then a kind of stumpy under fringe which won't grow. Such a pretty little lady, which such an unsightly hair do. Bless.

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