Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Ten on Tuesday

yo yo yo, it's that day of the week again. TUUUUEEESDAY.

So here are my ten........

1. Thought this was a bit of a weird amount to have in a bottle.......

2. Last night Little Tike woke up with a temperature of 39 degrees, scared me just a little. She is just snotty and got a bit over hot, but it's always hard not to have a slight freak out when your baby is that hot and those 30 or so mins for the calpol to work just seem a little bit toooooo long. She did get to watch 3 episodes of andy pandy while I furiously looked for a rash, or any other signs of impending doom. 

She thought it was great...... I felt a little fraut.

3. I was in a taxi the other day, and there was a sign which read 'Charge for deaficating £30 ' interesting......... I was wondering if that counted if you caught it in a nappy ? What adult gets in a taxi and has a poo ?! Seriously people.

4. I am purchasing some new sandals this week - and am rather excited about it. I love summer attire and my other pair have finally given up on me, after 4 years of faithful service. Here they are, yes they do make them in size 9, yes they are lovely, and yes, they will be mine !

5. Due to point number 2, there wasn't huge amounts of sleep took place last night and I woke up with the same lurgy, so Husbando got an 'early dart' as he calls it from work to come and help......... this sweet little scene was the result of Daddy coming home to play. Moments like these make me realise just how blessed we are as a family.

6. This is what The little tike had for breakfast this morning....

She has a fixation with peas at the moment, frozen ones, straight from the freezer. She wouldn't eat her cereal, but did want peas and a rich tea- who am I to argue ? 
And George got to eat some too, so that was nice.

7. Think we have decided on Anglesey for our little summer holiday. We have been there a few times, and although there are other places in the uk I like more, it just seems like an easy place to be. Not too expensive, easy access to beaches, and not too far from home. From what other people have told me about holidays with toddlers, simple is sometimes best. Every other time we have been there the weather has been really lovely, so I need to remind myself that this might not be the case again. 

8.  The Little Tike and I went to stay with my parents this weekend, she had some serious fun with 'Bamps' and 'Bambaa', while I put my feet up.  She has acquired a few new words as a result of our visit. 'schubert' ( the composer !)  and ' crow'. How very cultured !!!! 

9. My lovely neighbour not only lent us a digital thermometer last night in the 'hot child' incident ( yes we do have one, but couldn't find it - yes I know it should be somewhere where you can find it in these incidences- but have you seen our bedroom ?!) anyway, our neighbour...... she also popped round with these tasty Jam type creations. She is lovely. 

I realise now that the cake things don't look lovely, infact they look a bit like something you might get fined £30 for doing in a taxi, but I guarantee they tasted yummy.

10. I think that's enough for today, don't you ?

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