Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Ten on Tuesday.

1. My little Journey of not shopping has shown up my true love for purchasing things. This week I looked forward to going to the shop to buy toothpaste....sad, but true. I am also sorting out our pushchair for a friend to borrow and it needs a few new wheels and an extra seat, so I am buying that too......fallen off the wagon already maybe ?

2. Little tyke LOVES being chased, she thinks it is highly amusing, thanks to her Dad's antics of playing the 'chasing' game, it is one of her favourite things. This can prove a bit tricky at times when you don't want to do the chasing, in the library, at the end of a loooong day, or when trying to leave the house....watching her run down the sloping path careering towards the road ( albeit a very quiet one) is a little stressful.

3. Today I had one of those moments where I wished I had my camera with me, Little tike was running away from me ( see the theme here ?!) with one oversized welly on, with angel wings lying wonkily on her back, the light shone and just caught the moment perfectly. Although I can't share it here with anyone else, it will remain in my memory for a long time.

4. I have come to hate the phrase.. ' we are human beings, not human doings'. While I realise the sentiment behind this catchphrase has it's place. It isn't true, we are human beings.... and we are designed to do things. While I realise for some, the balance of rest and work needs to be readdressed, and believe me I know all about being driven by what I 'do'. But we are designed to 'do' things most of the time, or we'd all starve, die, get diseases etc etc. You get my point. Being active, achieving and 'doing' is good for our mental health as well as physical.

5. Turns out my over enthusiastic purchasing of little converse shoes on ebay for W has come to good use. Just one pair of shoes for a toddler in a 3 story house is just not the way to go. Can guarantee they won't be on the same floor, at the same time when you need them.

6.  Does anyone know what bicarbonate of soda actually is ?.........it tastes gross in toothpaste, and anyone who says otherwise is just wrong.

7. Another of my lovely friends has offered to help me with Little Tike one afternoon a week,  I'm not sure how I managed to accumulate such lovely friends, but I have, and for that along with other things, I am very grateful.

8. Our car is due it's MOT in two weeks time, holding breath, and hoping, desperately hoping that it will last us another year. That or Mr Branson will be buying us a new one.

9. Our longue is looking increasingly like a corner of toys r us, doesn't quite match the decor and ambience I am trying to create, but, do you know what, I wanted a child, so in a funny way I quite like it.

10. Already beginning to plan a spring/summer holiday.......where to go, where to go. Love to go camping and canoeing, but not quite sure the CFS monster will grant me the energy for such antics, so will have to come up with something else.

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