Thursday, 19 January 2012

Week in pictures

I've loved looking at the msnbc 'week in pictures' photography from around the globe for a while now, depicting some of what is going on in the world in one brief snapshot. A great way to catch up with news, and things which are often not as widely reported. you can see this weeks here.

I thought i'd start my own. Mostly for my own keepsake, to look back and remember the mess and images from out life in the Deane house.

Feel free to have a looky look yourself. 

If only they were all in focus, and my subject didn't move quite so much :)  

My only rule with myself is i have to take a picture of something as I find it.....

Transport toys are all the rage this week...

Shoes, shoes, shoes.

Where would we be without a humble piece of toast.

And of course a cup of tea in a lovely sophie conran cup.

Funeral home for roses

 GLASSES planning permission required.


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  1. your funeral home for roses pic made me giggle... x