Monday, 16 January 2012

It's funny bringing up a little one.....

Little tyke is now 15 months old and just altogether very cute. Apart from her mealtime antics of throwing food and generally being a pain, She is just a true delight. 

I don't really want this phase to give way to the next. Not because I think she will become any less lovely, but because, well, I have always longed for this stage in my life, and now it is here it goes by so very fast.

Then mixed in with all these feelings, are the ones when 3pm hits, that's when the grot slot begins i think. I tend to wish the next 3 hours, cos once you reach 6pm your home and dry, bath, bed. AND RELAX.

So it's an odd combination isn't it ? 

Not wanting it to go by too fast, and suddenly find yourself choosing their senior school and wondering where the time went, but in reality, most days, hoping that the days were maybe just 2 or 3 hours shorter.

mmmmmmm I guess it's just how it is. 

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