Tuesday, 24 January 2012

ten on tuesday

Flying in with a quick 10 - 2 = 8.......... Bit of a sick bay in our house today, so slightly brain dead.

1.  My lovely Mum and Dad came over on Friday for a visit. After lunch I heard from upstairs much laughter and 'how do you work your camera' from my Mum. After a brief tutorial through the floorboards, and a exclamation of 'oh I haven't taken the lens cap off' this was the result. 
Here she is, happy with her Grandma, teddies and beloved 'baaw' ( ball to you and I) Check out the bottom photo, ignore if you will the half closed eyes and look at the pose on her. The way she's sitting could be in a catalogue ...... !



2. This week I haven't listened to any news and generally have no idea what is going on the world. It makes me feel a little like a clueless mummy, but have to say it is quite nice to have a break from being concerned about the state of our world, for just one week anyway.

3. Little tike found her door bouncer in the cupboard, and was quite insistent that she went in it. Not really intended for a 16 month old, but hey she seemed to enjoy it.

4. My attempts to go cold turkey on the trips to the shop or buying things isn't going too well ! Birthdays need buying for, and the internet is just very tempting for browsing....mmmmmmm not quite the consumer detox I need really. 

5. We have a little tradition of a trip to costa over the road on a monday morning. Normally waving at the pensioners is how she likes to roll, but my purse was much more exciting this week.

6. Is winter over yet ? please please can it be.

7. I was listening to a bible podcast this Saturday, the bit where John the baptist has his head cut off cos some lady wants it on a plate. Now, correct me if i'm wrong but what an odd way for a man like him to die. Someone who was kind of born with a sign on him, saying 'I'm preparing the way for the messiah' and all that. In bible terms pretty important, and then his life ends because of some crazy ladies' whim. God confuses me sometimes, in fact a lot of the time actually. Yes He is great and awesome, but definitely has some unusual things happen on His watch.

8. Recently re discovered pies, meat pies. There is something so nice about a meat pie with a good shortcrust pasty mmmmmmmmm delish.

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