Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. I watched one of those...'lists of things' on tv this week, the sort they put on to fill a scheduling gap, cos all the presenters are still in their pjs at home on new years day. This one was of 'number 1s in the 00's'. in 2002 the female r n b artists wore a lot more clothes, and the sexual frolocking which takes place in music vids was much less, well, pornographic....... How come it's got so much worse in just 10 years ? 
Have the male film directors just got more debauched, or have we just got less sensitive ?

2. W has taken cuteness up a level this past week, she is now lining her teddies up and giving them drinks and sharing her food with them....so very sweet. 

3. She is also adding words to her vocal on a daily basis, and today when I paused the 'fun song factory' dvd and said we were turning it off, she looked and me and said.. 'no, two'......... soon she will be cleverer than me, and at that point i'm not sure what I will do.

4. This year I hope to cook a bit more, so that we manage to eat more veg and healthy stuff. Husbando does a great job cooking our food, but veg and him aren't the best of friends. So if the energy allows, I hope to make friends with a bit of vegetarian cooking once more.

5. It's come to that time when most people with a 16ish month old toddler. begin to ask that question 'shall we have another baby'.......and like most things child related, people will tell you that the age gap between their children is the way to do it. Who's gonna turn round and say ' well actually I hate the age gap between our kids, and wish I hadn't had number 2' no one. So I guess what transpires in the Deane house, will just transpire, and sure enough in 8 years time or so, i'll be advising a first time mum when to have a second based on when our number 2 arrives ! 

6. I am currently in deep deliberations about what colour/tone to paint our longue. Money is tight in our house right now - like most people i guess, so i asked for B+Q vouchers for Christmas to facilitate said decorations. Hence I really don't want to get it wrong ! I also will be relying on willing family members to do that painting, so can't really say to them, 'well actually, I don't like it, can you come over on another saturday and do it again please.....'

7. I have always had a love affair with trees, They are just the most amazingly beautiful, awe inspiring things. This one caught my eye over the christmas holidays. ( well actually it caught my Dad's eye and then he drove me to see it, so it could catch my eye, and my camera lense ) The Apples on it looked gorgeous and, as ever, when the light is right, everything in nature looks even more stunning.

8. I met with two mum friends today, they were both commenting that they had loads of christmas vouchers and didn't think they would get round to spending them, as they weren't good at spending vouchers. This is an entirely alien concept to me. 

9. I am slowly getting used to working the camera I got for my 30th last year, maybe when I hit 40 I might start taking proper photos and edit them properly and everything .... mmmmm, we'll see.

10. Husbando went back to work today, had mixed feelings. First day back in some kind of routine with W on my own is kind of nice. But not having access to a car, or much energy to walk very far, can sometimes make me feel like a caged bird. I think most parents who are at home with their kids a lot can feel like this regardless of their health, but not having an extra pair of hands, and a personal chauffeur and 'lifter of heavy things' will take a bit of readjustment. 

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