Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1.  This week I shocked myself with just how my brain sometimes makes connections a   l i t t l e   b  i  t      s    l   o     w.
While at the Dr surgery I glanced across and saw a little baby with a piece of wood with shoes strapped on, thus keeping his feet in one place. Did I think to myself...' wow i've never seen a piece of medical kit like that before, he must be receiving treatment for his joints somewhere from the hip down. No, I thought,       ' That baby has a snowboard, how unusual.' seriously, that is what I pondered for more than a few seconds. I even shocked myself with this one.

2. Little tike has started to say a few more words, this weeks selection are  'bobble', 'out', and 'ham',  interesting choices.

3. Last weekend I had my usual thought of, 'right we need to get out the house and go for a walk'. These thoughts are often followed by a few things in our house.
Firstly the realisation that with me, a walk has to be fairly short, so is always just a bit unsatisfying. As it's kind of, get out the car, wander just to the car is out of sight, then come back.
Secondly that the Husbando it quite happy spending an afternoon at home as he has been at work all week and not cooped up without transport and a small child mostly indoors.
Thirdly that you all have to get dressed and leave.
Anyway, all the aforementioned processes had happened, and I dragged us all to a country park type thing near where we live. But it was one of those times where, really, we should have just stayed home.
It was cold, and very windy. Little tike wasn't loving her 'bracing british trip in the great outdoors' quite as much as I had thought she would, and well, after lots of inning and outing of the pushchair, and another short and un satifying walk, we came home and ate chocolate. Will I learn for next time ? I doubt it.

4. I have recently discovered this, a great way to listen to the bible and read more than a verse of a psalm.

5. We have inherited lots of plastic paraphernalia for our garden that Little tike can play with. Lovely for her, and we are very grateful for it, but when you look out of the kitchen window, you see plastic, not flowers and loveliness........ah well. 

6. The local indoor play centre, soft play type place near us charges for water, surely that's not allowed ? And there is a sign saying that you are not allowed to take children's feeding cups into the restaurant either, seriously......................You think I am going to pay nearly a fiver, then £1 for water, and then have to buy a sugary fruity drink for my child too...I don't think so ! There is beaker smuggling a plenty when I visit that establishment.

7. Due to the CFS monster, I haven't been able to take Willow swimming properly. So am thinking of trying to find somewhere to go away with an indoor pool attached, reduces energy output required if it's in your house, and less persuasion required for Daddy too :) I'm always scheming when  it comes to holidays, think I should have been a travel agent.

8. I need to get me an iphone, there are so many beautiful moments I could catch on camera if I did. But for now, my trusty £10 phone will serve me well. (And you can just about make out the photos on it, so I shouldn't complain !)

9. Spring really isn't far off now, the crocuses are coming out to play, and my tulips are shooting their little heads through the frrrrrrosty soil. 

10. While watching 'escape to the country' this week I had the fleeting thought, 'wow, how the other half live'. Then I gave myself a brief slap round the chops, and reminded myself that actually I am 'the other half', the difference between how I live and the majority of the world is huge. The difference between how I live and someone who lives in a house worth £600k with 4 stables a pool is nothing compared to most people. Running water, electricity, peace and food, all things which separate me from the other 80% of the worldwide population. mmmmm put me in my place.

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