Sunday, 1 January 2012

The new year beginneth

Our year began with a little trip to a lovely park. Having moved a bit further out of the city recently, we don't visit this park as often as we used to. It was like coming home to visit an old friend.

Left the house in torrential rain, but arrived at the park and it had stopped.... the sun even attempted to show it's face .... briefly.

This little one could not be stopped by the wet, just too cute. He also shared his crisps and drink with W, yes he's that kind of chap already, and we love him. (He also has the most adorable hands I have ever seen on a small person, and when he does the actions to 'twinkle twinkle little star' those chubby fingers are just adorable )

Little tike on the swing, shortly before throwing herself head first down the slide. Thankfully she still has all her teeth. 

We ended our day at my in laws, with a perfect roast dinner..... mmmmmmmm.

First day of 2012, not bad at all.

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