Saturday, 31 December 2011

the year endeth....

2011 has been an eventful time,
so i thought i'd write this wee rhyme.

There has been winter, spring and some summer too,
My hair grew lots so i got a new 'do'.
The little tike was a baby and now is a toddler,
Giving me lots of laughs, tears and of course blog fodder.

My garden is growing and taking shape,
A flower bed and veggie patch i did make,
We have holidayed in suffolk, wales and the lakes,
Sitting in cafes, and eating, eating lots of cakes.

I have hopes and dreams for 2012, but most of all I just hope,
That the weeks aren't too hard, and I can manage to cope,
With the fun and trials of being a mum, 
a friend, a wife ( still with a good bum!)

This year i've shed tears for myself and others,
Who have lost sons, friends and brothers.
There is always joy, loss and much more,
I hope i can stay smiling and not become a bore.

I am now going to see the new year in, with an early night,
Why try to stay up late and wait for midnight ?!
So here's to saying 'goodbye' to last year,
It has been an interesting one but i'm glad to see it's rear.

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  1. Happy New Year cuz, lots of love to you and the fam for 2012 xxxxx