Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Yay it's Tuesday again....

1. Festive loveliness encapsulated in one cute pair of slippers....

 2. The little tike has been a bit poorly this week, this is where she has mostly been sitting, peering over the sofa at her beloved 'small potatoes' episodes.....Doesn't she just have the cutest little neck !?

3.A few shots of a view I can see from our sitting room, the sky finally showed it's true blueness for a few hours yesterday ...a welcome change from the dull grey drudgery.

4. I am hoping to take W to her first Christmas party on friday, I will not be making her sit on Santa's knee though, - there is something a little odd about that I think !

5. On the iphoto programme on our computer, there is a setting where you can 'de noise' your photos- wouldn't it be great if you could have one for your mind ? Mine is a very noisy place most of the time.

6. I am hoping to make some gingerbread this week, I even have all the ingredients before I start baking. So for once in my life, if said baking does occur, I may even follow the recipe precisely.

7. I'm not entirely sure what is going on with our position in the 'eurozone', husbando tells me it's very rocky and 'altogether concerning', I cannot bring myself to loose sleep over it , and have decided that if the economy falls apart completely, I will run away and join an amish community somewhere, I think i'd suit one of their head coverings, and imagine I could quite get into quilting. 

8. We have no chimney in our house, bit concerned about how santa will enter our home this year.....maybe he'll need one of these......

9. This week I am thankful for the NHS once more, how many people across the world can drive to their local pharmacy on Sunday, get to see a lovely out of hours Dr who was just as friendly as can be, and walk off with some medication and not have to pay. ( yes I know we pay in tax, but that's another thing altogether, and yes we did have to wait for an hour, but who cares - an hour is nothing in the grand scheme of things)

10. I am a bit sad there won't be a Gavin and Stacey Christmas special this year......
I often wonder what Dor is up to ? you gotta love the foul mouthed, elderly welsh lady !!

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  1. Your blog makes me want to start a blog and do Ten on Tuesday :)

  2. hannah, I have started to look forward to tuesday's!!think I might try my own list. Today though I am looking forward to tomorrow!!xx

  3. Do it ladies ! then we can all link in :)

  4. I have never started baking with all the ingredients, thus not following my recipe...maybe its a family trait?!
    my last cake turned out so badly i had to drink a pint of water after!

  5. Lydia you make me laugh ! a whole pint of water - sheesh !