Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Wow that week has gone super fast..... for me it has been all about shoes, snow and slavery !

1. The little tike has reminded me today of her energetic self, her ability to find things she shouldn't and generally get up to mischief - the week of sitting on the coach watching tv was nice, but she is definitely on the mend now.

2. I fear her obsession with fire may be growing, beginning to regret teaching her to blow out her birthday candle.....pyromaniac in the making ?

3. ...Is the number of converse shoes/boots she now has .....little bit of confused ebay bidding took place this week... ooops. 

4. Her first trip to clarks for her proper 'first shoes' took place this week. Her beautiful Grandma came for the day, and we had a little trip out. It was one of those special times I'll always remember. Being that W's first word other than dad daddy and hiya, was 'shoes' it was kind of enevitable that she would enjoy her trip to clarks. 'shoos, shooe, shooes' she exclaimed as she ran around the shop. Bless her, then she saw the bag with charlie bear on who she calls 'ted' and her little one year old mind nearly blew it's top :)
So clarks is now her new favourite shop, can't wait to introduce to 'office' and Schuh' one day though, cos lets face it, the shoes in there are far nicer !
I was too knackered to have my camera with me, but the memories are firmly etched in my brain.

5. Snow, It made a little appearance last week.

6. This Sunday was our first Christmas party of the season, starting with the in laws annual get together.

Little tike and her Nan who she loves very much. She is one blessed little lady to have so many doting Grandparents.

7. Been thinking a bit more about the whole slavery issue, have been thinking about how when slavery was abolished all those years ago, there would have been so many people who had slaves, who when it became illegal to force people to work for no payment, they wouldn't be able to have afforded the help. So they would have had to go without, which would have been a huge change for many households/farms and businesses. There would been luxuries cut where the help was essential to the business so they had to go without other things. Or there would have been ladies all over the world suddenly needing to learn a skill or two around the house. Just food for thought about all the things we buy which we deem as essential which may be fuelling the slave trade today.

8. Got a bit of birthday money through this week, so have just bought myself a few little treats from Laura Ashley home. The sort of things I would never be able to find in pound stretcher on my weekly budget, so i'm VERY excited. I love a quality household accessory !

9. I think Christmas sometimes brings out the worst in people... don't believe me? Just pop to the tesco near me, drive a car around and see what you think then .......Christmas shopping does bad things to people. talk about impatience. But it can also bring out the comedy side to a shopping trip. ( see previous post )

10. All these lovely gifts ready for the big day.......Don't think W realises that between her and a piece of stripey fabric is a lovely new teddy !


Well, happy festivities one and all, see you on the other side.....

Oh yeah, and Jesus was born........... He's the reason for the season !!!

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