Friday, 9 December 2011

a serious of unfortunate events

So, I did have a few thoughts to which are slightly more interesting and meaningful than these, but it's been a loooong week and my brain is too tired. So instead,  I shall share my series of unfortnate evens....

On Sunday my phone battery died, and it slowly dawned on me that I actually didn't have a clue where it was, and hadn't seen it for nearly a week. Sure it is in the house somewhere, yes it is stupid that I can't just look for it, but you try living in a 3 story house, with very limited physical energy while looking after a 1yr old and then come back and tell me if it's stupid or not ! ( this is what I have been telling myself all week, just to make myself feel better....)

On Monday......First time in months I had use of our car, but in between unlocking the car, and putting Willow in it I then went to try and drive and the car key had fallen off my keyring so alas i couldn't use the car. And pushchair in there too. Oh and I woke up with a dicky tummy so that made for fun frequent trips to the toilet. 

Then came Tuesday, no huge catastrophes there, largely due to the fact that my very kind friend looks after Willow for me for much of the day, so it's mainly sleeping and tv.......not much can go wrong during those activities.

On Wednesday, Phone still missing,which just makes life inconvenient doesn't it?  Trip to the eye doctor person, was meant to take 1 hr, took 2, Very lovely Dr, but putting eye drops in a 1yr olds eyes is never easy or pleasant for anyone involved. W had to wait for her pupils to dialate so they could see in them or 1 hr of running around the waiting room ensued. When it was all finally over, I'd long missed the taxi I had booked, then had to wait in the hail for another one. Willow fell asleep at the wrong time, so no rest for Mummy. By end of day I was ready to calopse - and did so in bed, shortly after husbando returned home.

Arriving on Thursday,Woke up as exhausted as expected, bored Willow, so thought i'd try to go out to toddler group, got there, lots of noise, and snotty children all in one small space, shortly after arriving it became apparent that W was unusually tired and rosy cheeked, clung to me and moaned, couldn't go home, taxi booked for an hour later, no phone to ring to change it, had to sit it out. Tired crying child, Tired (inwardly crying me) oh and yes I forgot her dummy too. 
Shopping due to be delivered at 8pm, at 9.30pm husband comes upstairs to ask where I thought it had got to, after a few calls realised I hadn't pressed 'checkout' no food for us.

Friday................ not much for breakfast in this house ! But the sun came out inbetween hail storms, so that was a lovely treat in amongst all the catastrophes

Maybe next week will run a little more smoothly......?

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  1. virtual hugs to you, all of these incidents sound fairly normal, and something similar has happened to me in the last 13 months, hun. Chin up, keep on keeping it real. love to you xxx