Sunday, 29 January 2012

Tagged: What's on your iPod

I have been 'tagged' ( how very '2012' !), by the blogging mumma superstar type lady Sarah @ Partyofseven. On 'What's on your iPod' feature I guess you might call it. I have been instructed to 'shuffle' and see what comes up first.

I would like to give her a special thanks as I have FINALLY learnt how to 'embed' a youtube clip.Yes I know, I have arrived at new blogging dizzy heights......

So here goes with a quick 'shuffle'........

I felt nervous, cos it's not great to look like a total looser on things like this really, and also you don't want to look too good, like you might have cheated.

First up, Adele from her album 19 with 'Tired'

(Check out adele pre fake lashes)

Black eyed peas 'If you want love'

Lauryn Hill 'doo wop' this is one of my favourite tunes of all time and I never tire of it.

Slightly random one, it's from the soundtrack 'Ocean's twelve ' and I think it's the bit where they are setting up the heist in Vegas. (The good bit of the song kicks in about half way through btw)

Blues Legend "muddy waters' singing his self named tune.

So there you go. Could have been worse I guess.


  1. cool are you?.your child is obviously still too young to influence what is on your ipod. I thought i got off lightly with just one High school musical hit. could have been so so much worse. Thanks for playing along xx

  2. he he, yes she has a few cd's which i haven't yet transferred onto the iPod........yet ! I was hoping that I could just get her straight onto 'proper' music, but lets face it, that is never gonna happen ! Was fun to play along and to learn how to embed something finally :)