Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ten on whatever day today is.........

1. This week I have broken one of my never actually spoken out loud rules.............NEVER EVER buy patterned kitchen roll. It should always be plain white. But we have 12 rolls of some brand with an elephant on it, which was massively reduced. Yes it may be super absorbent, but it has an awful pattern on it. Who's kitchen needs another pattern ?! 

2. As I sit in bed and write this, my amazing husbando is unloading the dishwasher and clearing up, the clanging of plates confirms this. I love him. Lots.

3. My little tyke rode on a donkey today, despite feeling a little sorry for the poor mule, it was a sweet moment. Utter thrill and delight on her face was worth the £1.50 I paid to the daylight robber who charged me such a price for a 2 minute ride. But I guess a donkey has got to eat ( what, caviar?!)

4. In the night garden love has reached epic proportions in our house........It is making me a little crazy

5. I cried today reading This today, for many reasons, some of them hormonal, but mostly as I know many people addiction affects ( who doesn't ) and this is such a heart wrenching insight which sees it from both sides. People are broken, and we hurt each other. No one has got it all sorted, and for some, life is one loooong hearbreaking struggle. 

6. On a lighter note, I wore maternity jeans for the first time today, SO comfortable. SO SO COMFORTABLE. Infact, even if your not pregnant, i'd recommend a pair.

7. The 'sorting out' of the Deane house is still plodding on at snails pace, well not snails, cos I actually think they can get around fairly quickly, tortoise maybe ? anyway, today my foxy husbando got on the throwing out and sorting train too. Two more bin bags full, Three more boxes to go into the garage. #weareslowlywinning

8. I have looked in my little tyke's playroom and decided that really, she doesn't need anymore toys for her birthday.......I on the other hand would love a new pair of winter boots, hat scarf and glove set, a few nice maternity tops and well, if we're going down this road, some new make up and a new set of curtains for our bedroom. Wondering if I can get away with any of these things as a birthday purchase for her ? No ? Thought not :(

9. We visited my lovely friend yesterday who looks after LT for me once a week. It was nice to spend time with them again, and weird being in a house which my daughter spends more time in than I do, she knew where things were, I didn't. 

10. Autumn is around the corner, I love Autumn and this year really cannot wait to smell the fresh cold air, hear the fireworks and take some photos of some gorgeous colours.

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