Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Ten on Tuesday

Yes it really is Tuesday.....how unusual !

This week has been a week around the house, attempting to bring order to some corners of our home ( this has been entirely unsuccessful) and generally catching our breath a little post holiday. While watching the Olympics of course. Neither me nor husbando have been particularly well, so at times it's felt like a bit of a slog. But thanks to McCains oven chips, lots of toast, and a few sunny days with baths in the paddling pool, we are all still alive, clean and fed !

So here goes with what has turned out to be a slightly eclectic ten. See point number 5 for a reason for the distinct lack of photos around here.

1. Little tyke is still enjoying mastering the English Language, my favourite quote was last week as we pulled up to a friends house and she said 'We found it, well done Mummy!' I was a little shocked as I think it was the first time she'd put so many words altogether, and also that there was any question that we wouldn't find the house of a friend we've been visiting for, er, well about 6 years.

2. I have been pondering many things this week, and one of them has been what it means to be a good wife, Or the wife that I think God wants me to be, I want to be, and my husband would like me to be. It raises lots of questions, and if I'm honest I feel I fall very short on this one. When not always very well, and with a toddler to care for, it's easy to just not have anything left mentally, emotionally or physically to give to each other. I know I'm not alone in feeling like this. This week I sat down and just for a few moments brought to mind all the things I love about the lovely Mr Deano, a few moments thought went a long way. I always know he's a good one, but definitely need to remind myself just a little bit more.

3. On a lighter note, it's sunny today, a welcome surprise as Mr Weather man told me to prepare for stormy skies. Bliss.

4. Little Tyke's feet are finally big enough to warrant a pair of crocks, we bought her a pair on holiday and they have just been the best most practical shoe she has. Brilliant for camping and at the beach, then in and out the paddling pool at home and she can take them off herself -She has learnt to do just that when going upstairs. £15 well spent. ( although it's a shame they won't fit her next spring ey ! ) 

5. I haven't been feeling tippady top recently, so my poor camera has been very neglected, hence a lack of 'week in pictures' around here. I keep looking at the summery flowers, and beautiful light and thinking I'm missing lots of lovely shots. Ah well, Autumn will arrive soon enough with it's beautiful colours and interesting shadows, so all is not lost. 

6. This morning before 9am, we had done painting, played in the paddling pool and made a birthday card........... I was very relieved when Daddy emerged to facilitate a little rest for me after such adventures. LT loves painting, and I find it hard to say no to requests for such activities, but it would be nice if the cleaning up fairy came with the pots of paints ey ? 

7.  Every week I discover more things which you can throw in the dishwasher......paint pots and brushes...(.as long as you don't mind any clear plastic items coming out a little 'colourful'), dustpan and brush go in and come out as good as new, and of course all the obligatory plastic toys which got left out in the garden for just a few too many days. I LOVE our dishwasher. 

8. My Brother's girlfriend is a film buff, a proper one who studied it at a university and everything ! She very kindly sent me a package with some films to watch. I requested a few which weren't necessarily english speaking, and were about humanity - but not too sad. So far I have watched  The Day I became a woman  and Blame it on fidel. ( click on the links for a film synopsis ) I think I enjoyed 'blame it on Fidel' the most out of the two. I love films from children's perspective, and this one does it beautifully. With British subtitles the french language kind of adds a beautiful poetry to the film while you watch it, the storyline is really strong. It is a little bit of an arty film, but not too much. I'd definitely recommend watching it, if you're looking for something just a bit different, with a bit of a political history lesson thrown in alongside a fascinating look into the lives of a french family in the 70s.

9. On thursday we head to my parent's house for a family BBQ type gathering. We have two family birthdays to celebrate, and haven't been altogether since Christmas, so I'm really looking forward to it. I love my family, and although at times we are a little stressful when assembled as one, Sometimes being with them serves as a bit of a homing device for me, I kind of come back to myself, my true self. I am blessed with 3 siblings and two parents who are, well, just really nice. I know this is unusual, and I never take it for granted. Bring on the Jesson family shindig. 

10. I painted the windowsill in our kitchen. It has been returned to it's former brilliant white glory. Much better than the stained and dirty look it was sporting.

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