Sunday, 5 August 2012

Holiday times

Having finally got through the pile of 'crap in the hallway' I have had a chance to sit down and look through a few holiday pics. We really did have a lovely holiday, and it was all I'd hoped it would be. Just a simple time with our little family, and a few friends who joined us for a long weekend. Simple holidays with little ones are definitely the way to go.

I took this photo on a day when the forecast was awful, it proceeded a bad night sleep as it was SO windy the caravan felt like it was about to roll down a hill. The husbando I had slightly lost the will to sit on a windy beach again, so we headed to a National trust property with our shiny new members car sticker. I have to say, when we got there out little hearts sank as we pulled up to the car park, having chosen this place as it said it had a great children's playground, only to see a few planks of wood which even an energetic 8 year old might struggle to 'play' on. We almost gave up and conceded that we would have to spend a small fortune and go to the 'sea zoo' next door, when thankfully we realised that this was in fact just a little park and the main even was hidden in the depth of a beautiful woodland. Phew. It was one of those days where it takes all your effort to have a 'nice time', not argue and make the best of the british weather. 
Thankfully the National trust didn't disappoint, and I even got a ride in the disabled golf buggy back up the hill to the carpark....hanging out where the oldies do is the way forward sometimes !!

I love love love bodyboarding and swimming in the sea, however cold, I will usually give it a try. It's kind of like a magnet pulling me in, and I have on many occasions been known to just jump in regardless of the presence of a towel or swimsuit. Clearly having CFS kind of curtails such activities, but part of the reason I chose our holidaying location is we can easily park near the sea, and the beach was near enough the campsite to just pop down for an hour. So, after a lovely long lunchtime sleep, I took my little girl into the water, mostly just for a splash around and a sit in the waves, but I had my moment, to sit feel the waves crash over me, breathe in the sea air, look at the hills in the distance and feel very thankful to God for little opportunities like these. I am learning to focus on these little achievements, not just look over at the bodyboarders and windsurfers wishing I was joining in with them. My day will come. ( Kite surfing however, isn't an ambition of mine, that just looks like slightly dangerous, very hard work !)

Playing in the sand while Daddy did a spot of kayaking.

Sand, and seaweed. So beautiful.

Dig dig dig, just before the clouds set in and 4 adults and 1 toddler squashed into a teeny tiny tent to hide from the downpour - there was no room to move the arms to take a photo, but it was very amusing!

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