Thursday, 2 August 2012

Crap in the hallway

The thing about holidays, especially of the camping/caravanning variety is.....

When we get back....................

We have a bag with some dental floss, a pair of wet trousers and a tea towel in ( does anyone actually pack to come home as well as when your leaving ? )

Despite leaving our house in a dirty mess ( in the full anticipation of the cleaner coming in our absence ) even when she didn't come, the place still feels practically pristine after living in slum like conditions for a week.

Small child has not watched ANY tv for a 6 days, so an hours worth of viewing is entirely acceptable for once.

Our hallway looks like we decided to put the contents of our wardrobes, kitchen plastics cupboard and general 'household crap' into a giant shaker and then tip it out.

You come back with a tan even if it wasn't that sunny.

The sofa feels extra comfy and the bath tub all the more inviting.

There is a 'closed in' feeling which causes me to want to go back, just to sit on a chair drinking tea in the cold, look at the mountains on the horizon and know that the beach is just down the road.

If we haven't had an argument while packing up to come home, we feel proud of was one such day. Well done team Deane.

Yes we are home. 

There was a holiday in a field and it was good.

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