Saturday, 25 August 2012

The time has come

To share this post, it's been brewing for a while....

'Ten' with a difference....

We need to talk about sick. Yes, the gross vommiting kind. You see I haven't done loads of blogging recently because my time is mostly spent being sick, or trying very hard ( with reasonable success I might add ) not to be sick.

This is what I have learnt............

1. Morning sickness, is mostly a lie. In my case it's a kind of 'feel intensely sick day and night' affair. If only it were just in the morning. 

2. I have recently taken to falling asleep in my clothes, the sickness builds as the day progresses and by 7pm I get into bed and lie VERY still, hoping, really really hoping, that some food will stay in. I fully intend to get up and get changed and ready for bed, however the risk of movement induced sickness is too great to risk such a clothing transition. #thingsaregettingdesperate

3. I am quite good at seeming ok, but in reality, if you have spoken to me in the last few months, I will have been checking for receptacles to puke in, and been concentrating hard on NOT puking all over you.

4. Lying very still seems to be the only thing in my life which prevents me feeling awful and actually puking. This is not a solution I can employ on a hour by hour basis, but has worked a little while my long suffering husbando has been off work. For me, pregnancy sickness seems to be very linked to motion of any type. Bleurgh.

5. Ginger biscuits are good, but let me put this one to rest......I found they helped in the early stages of nausea, at the 5 weeks stage, but when you get to the really sick stage, they don't work, and if one more person tries to advise me to eat them as a miracle cure, I might just hit them. ( it's not in my nature to be violent, but you know, hormones change things ! )

6. The more tired I get, the worse it becomes, so yeah, a good excuse to be in bed most of the day.

7. Toilets should at all times be VERY clean. Head in a stinky toilet just makes a nasty thing more nasty.

8.  Be aware of splash back ! If you have drank lots of fluid, it'll come out with force, and splash you right back in the face. Don't say I didn't warn you. Yes I have had sick in my eye, and no, it isn't something I would wish on any body.

9. Don't drink too little however, as the sick will then get stuck in your throat, and then you're really in trouble, it will burn your throat pipe something chronic. Stomach acid is vicious stuff !

10. And lastly I shall leave you with this, the 'you'll feel better when you get to your second trimester ' doesn't wash with me. 


  1. Sorry I mentioned the ginger biscuit thing now Hannah. Liverpool is a long way from Plymouth but you are welcome to hit me when you see me next time. I used to feel the same about elderly ladies who came round and commented on the mess in my house when two rampaging small humans had spread their toys around. especially when the poor soul had never had a baby herself and never thought to question why. Her mother told her she would and it never happened. Just painful periods all her life. she must have had repeated miscarriages and didn't know. As time goes by I get more understanding of what some women went through. Just this morning I mentioned at a coffee morning that I lost a baby at 14 weeks and had never forgotten. 2 ladies on my table related the dates of theirs, all in their 60's now with grown up children and grandchildren. Every one has a story to tell. One day you can tell your s to Willow and her little brother' sister. Life is never easy and some people have more than their share of troubles. Lie still and bbreathe. your baby will enjoy the peace. Hugs and cuddles from your favourite Aunty. xxx

  2. :) I don't need to hit you don't worry !!! It was a very kind thought :) I still eat them anyway, but they don't work ! Thanks for your kind words xxxx