Friday, 10 August 2012

Ten on .....Friday !

1. I have started keeping my eye out for a toddler bed on ebay, there is a 'thomas the tank' one I know Willow would love that is super cheap, but I just can't bear to have it in the house.....does that make me a bad parent.

2. The rare occasion occurred today that I did some cooking, really fancied a tomato chickeny peppery type casserole. Willow helped me, she tore the peppers and put the potatoes in the pan....... she loved it and so did I. 

3. Galaxy chocolate, lets talk about it. It's delicious, creamy, and did I mention delicious? I would like to meet the person who created it, just to let them know how much I appreciate their creation.

4., how good has it been ?! Still very disappointed not to have been there and experience it all in the flesh, but the tears have flowed which the medal presentations happened, and we've sat on the edge of our seats watching, waiting for the next medal. I like to think I could have been an olympic athlete if I wanted to.....yeah right ! Oh but If I was, I would have done the open water swim or maybe the high jump, definitely not gymnastics or the 400 meters. Just thought you might like to know.

5. We saw Mr tumble on our holiday ! In the world of pre school kids this is fairly exciting. We went to a tiny little bay in Anglesey called Moelfre, mainly to go to an amazing coffee shop which sells delicious cakes. The coffee shop was closed, but Mr tumble was filming, so our journey was not wasted. This isn't the best photo really, but there he is looking out to sea in the background. 

6. With olympic fever sweeping our nation and household It brings to the forefront of my mind, my desire to excersise. I have been limited in what exercise I can do for a long time now, but pre little tyke days I did manage a gentle swim or a short jog, I really miss this, and often worry about my lack of fitness. But at the moment the energy just won't allow it, booooooo. It also keeps me a bit sane, getting out and exercising, even just a walk, so let this point serve as a little prayer, please Lord, a wee bit more energy please to swim a few lengths or a nice walk :)

7. We were passed down a bit bag of peppa pig figures and polley pocket type stuff with a few barbies thrown in there too. I had put most of them away for when little tyke is older, but she found a few of the little 'polly pocket' barbie type dolls, she calls them 'tiny ladies' how cute is that ! But also, how weird are barbies ? Such an odd creation.

8. I'm not sure how many ice creams it is advisable for a nearly 2 year old to eat, but so far I think we are on one a day in our house......dairy and sugar overload - oooops.

9.  Here's my little beauty throwing stones into the shiny sea...... the attempts to throw aren't going too well, actually letting go of the stone seems to be the problem.

10. A lovely friend of ours has given us a set of chest of drawers.......bliss, another place to put some of our ever increasing junk ! Thankyou Jo :)

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