Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Frustrations and Ten on Tuesday

1. One of the frustrations of having CFS is a fairly obvious one, not being able to do things ! My lovely husband is off work, my daughter is at a fairly easy stage, sleeps at night, 2 hours in the day and will play on her own for much of the time as long as there is someone around to interact with every so often. So really, these next few weeks there should be lots of opportunity to spend time together, but also get some of those nagging jobs done around the house. Our house is clean as we have a cleaner, but there are about 8 months worth of jobs, you know the sorting, deep cleaning, organising kind. I am a bit sad, in that I quite like housework, and enjoy making things tidy and organised ( in my own home anyway !) But with limited energy these things just don't get done. Now, I know the reality is that if I was well I would probably need to work while my husband was off work, and there would be other things to do, but sometimes I just wish I had an hours energy to get in our garage ( which for all I know there could be people squatting in) and give it a good sort out !
I always choose to use my energy on quality time with my family over doing too many non essential jobs, I am definitely NOT an obsessive cleaner/tidier. And I am glad I have got this balance. I know my  happiness and my relationships are better for this choice, but sometimes I would like to clean the skirting boards, hoover behind the sofa, and put all my Little tykes clothes into age related storage containers, rather than literally shoving them in a cupboard which now resembles a jumble sale.

Moan over. Sorry to moan, but today is a moaning day........

2. We have lost one of Little Tyke's cute little trainers, after a month of looking for it we have concluded it got left on the roof of the car and then was driven off without, and is now squashed on a roadside somewhere. :(

3. VERY much looking forward to our little caravan/camping trip next week. Although hadn't quite realised that we are set to leave just as the opening ceremony of the olympics will be on. Hoping to find a place to watch it .....wishful thinking ? Maybe.

4. We have got olympic fever in our house, all we need are some tickets, and some energy and money to go to London and it would be complete. But we shall watch from our longue/caravan, and cheer on our sportsmen and women - COME ON TEAM GB !

5. This week some of our best friends are leaving to relocate to another city. We have known them for about 12 years, and they were partly how my husband and I met.....aaaaaaahhhhhh. I had a little cry last night at the fact that this chapter of living in the same city is over. Yes we'll always be friends, and there will be visiting and holidays together, but it will be different. Good friends like that are hard to come by and take years of time, love and sometimes effort to build. They will leave a big gap in our weekly lives :(

6.  I watched the documentary about Amy Winehouse last night, It was from the perspective of an intimate gig she did in Ireland. It was fascinating, and made me realise even more how talented she was. There was an interview with her in 2006, I guess before the disease which is addiction took over her life, she was so very passionate about music, some of her Jazz heroes are women I too admire and love to here sing. Check out this amazing lady and her stunning voice. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but there is something about a woman with such a strong, and soulful voice that I can't help but sit back, be quiet and listen to.

I was never a fan of the song 'rehab', but really do love the album 'back to black' and would have loved to see how Amy's musical contribution to this country would have progressed had she still been with us.

7. There really is some crap on TV isn't there. Just saying.

8. Do you ever wonder how deodorant came to be invented ? I presume people had smelt bad for years and years and body odour was just part of life. At what point did someone decide it was unacceptable and start the long string of events which lead to us using deodorant ? Not something I spend huge amounts of time pondering. But it is weird how many things we all just do and use, which someone somewhere must have perpetuated.

9. We had a tasty cheesey chickeny pastay thing for tea last night, with enough for tea or lunch today. Only went and left it out all night, on a warm summers evening. Boooooooo had to put it in the bin. I hate it when that happens. On a usual temperature day in this country I'd just heat it thoroughly and eat it anyway, but the lovely warmth has arrived and with it must come more strict food standards ! 

10. Can't think of a ten..... sorry. 

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