Thursday, 12 July 2012

See it snap it love it

Bit late in the day with this week's entry.....things have been a little crazy in Deane land lately.

This week's theme is 'Nature' I have SO many photos on this topic I could pick, most of them fairly average. But the thing about taking photos of nature, is even if it's a pants photo, the subject always speaks for itself and makes up for a bit of poor photography ! 

So I choose this photo.........

I took this after a little trip to buy some new flowers for the garden, we were just on our way home and Little tyke's wellies were on the roof of the car after a day playing in 'nature' by a river. A happy day, I am at my happiest when there has been fun outside with pretty flowers and family by the river.


  1. I just wish the weather would get better so we could get out more - its ok for big and middle man to go outside in the rain but baby man isn't to keen! Nice photo

    1. I know, the rain is certainly a little tricky with tines isn't it :(

  2. I love the story behind the photo always makes the photos seem much more special. I think wellies and flowers depicts the nature theme perfectly!