Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Two....on Tuesday

Just a brief entry this week. Not feeling on top form, so just popping in to say a quick 'hi' !

1. This was the view from our sitting room window at some point at the weekend. Stunning sky..........

When looking at a friends blog earlier, I realised that she too has captured the sky on what must have been the same night. It's a far better photo, so hop over to apartyofseven to see just how lovely it was ! And with probably a few less masts and streetlights in the picture ;)

2. We have had a steady stream of my family visiting us at weekends for the past month. It's been wonderful, and today is our last installment with my youngest brother Sam. My sister was here last weekend, need to get taking some photos really to remember these times with. Been a bit 'slow to snap' over last few weeks. I am really fortunate to have 2 wonderful brothers and 1 brilliant sister, I hope when my little tyke gets a sibling one day, they get on as well as we do. ( maybe us living in different parts of the country is a help ?! )

Hoping you have had a good week ? If you write a blog and do a '10' on tuesday, be sure to post the link in the comments below !

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