Friday, 6 July 2012

A few questions

...I'm not an avid watcher of wimbledon, but do like to dip my toe in the tennis pond now and again. This year I have watched more than normal, and thus, have a few questions.............

1. How do those fairly senior looking ladies and gentlemen standing at the back manage to bend their knees to look at the lines for SO long. Are there special 'watching the lines ' exercises one does for such a task ?

2. The noises they make - why ?

3. Where do the balls go after the tournament is over ? I hope they don't get thrown out, that would be bad.

4. Is there anyway we could get the players to wear different colours, so you can tell who's who on the ariel type shots ? Please, it would make viewing easier.

5. The scoring system, where do I start......15 - 30, yes that step makes sense, but then we go to 40, now my maths tells me we should hop to either 45, or 60. But certainly not 40.........I just don't get it. And then, there's Deuce, that is just silly.

6. Why can't everyone who plays tennis have a ball girl or boy to help ? I distinctly remember my teenage attempts at playing being very arduous at the amount of time spent chasing balls. ( yes I have just re read this and realised how it sounded....the truth about my teenage years is quite different )

Answers on a postcard please.....

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