Thursday, 19 July 2012

Safari times

The end of term is finally here, hooray, Daddy's home. The last ten days have been a bit of a slog, just been very tired and I've not had as much help as normal, which has made the end of term all the more welcome.

My brother was visiting this week, well actually he still is. As I sit in bed and type this, he is hurtling down a slide in an indoor play centre with our little tyke. Wonderful.

We took a brief trip to the safari park near our house yesterday. The beauty of having a season ticket it you can just pop in without having to spend ages there to 'get your money's worth' !

Little tyke loves the safari drive now, she has always been interested but is now at the age where she knows the names of the animals, and what she likes to look out for. Rhinos seem to be a hit, and the deer this time too. Of course sitting in the front on my knee while we go round is also part of the fun.

Check out the size of this guy, you wouldn't want him to charge at your car let me tell you.

Of course the obligatory ride on the merry go round had to take place. Uncle Sam had the pleasure of riding shot gun this time......

And the lesser spotted Uncle Sam, a rare sighting at the safari park, he only shows his face on special occasions. He's a handsome fella.

And can you see the evidence of clear skies, yes my friends, it was WARM and SUNNY yesterday for about 5 hours - *breathes sighs of relief and joy*

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