Monday, 23 July 2012

A day to remember.

Ok, so today I have more glamour to report than the usual tales of either tiredness or toddler times. This past week end I left on the 14.22 from liverpool, to spend the weekend with my sister and Mum at a SPA... yes, a spa, you heard me correctly. There was soft music, jacuzzis, lots of places just to lie around and general poshness in every corner ! We went here, to Eden hall. A really top quality day spa nestled in the Nottinghamshire countryside. I was expecting it to be lovely, but it really did exceed my expectations. It's rare for me to go out for a full day, I am like a one year old who needs a good chuck of rest if not sleep in the middle of the day, so most day trips are usually scaled down to an afternoon. But this my friends, was just the place for one with limited energy, there was a whole room where people just went to sleep !! I fitted right in :) 

The food was exquisite, I'm not massively accustomed to fine dining. Like most of us, if we do eat out- Pizza express or ZiZi is usually as posh as it gets. But the food was like the sort you see on the telly ! It was a little odd being waited on and eating such beautiful cuisine in an oak panelled room, all whilst wearing a dressing gown with a slightly damp swimming costume underneath, but it kind of added to the wonder of it all.

We managed to go on the first sunny day our great british isle has seen for a long time, so sitting in the hot tub sunken into the deck overlooking the beautiful garden, with sunshine gently warming the skin, well, it was bliss really.

And I got to go with my Mum and Sister, thankfully there were quite a lot of people there, so our hilarity and clumsiness went largely unnoticed. We laughed, talked, talked some more, relaxed, had a manicure and ate tasty morsels all day long. What could be better........

................Certainly a day to remember. ( and unless they suddenly half the price of a day there, one we won't be repeating for a while ! )

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